Saturday, August 26, 2006

Absolutely random

The problem with not blogging every day is I get out of the habit. So, here is another blog and an attempt to get back in blogging mode.
DH started his first week of school Monday ~ the same day he started training for his second job. He’s been gone from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for days. I feel really bad about his miserable hours … and I miss him. So do the boys. A was crying when I put him to bed one evening because he wanted his daddy.
He has a nutty schedule this week too. He has promised to talk to his boss and explain to him that this is a part-time job, which means he can’t be working every night. He can work maybe three nights a week, if they are not back-to-back days. His body, his teaching job and his family come before the part-time gig.
I’ve put in a lot of hours at my job too, so we will be getting some healthy checks, the better to pay off outstanding bills. Usually we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, financially, at this time of year.
I’ve been writing for the paper and scrapping for my DT assignment and LSS teaching projects. Meanwhile, the house has gone to pot. Monday I have to get up and just dig into it. I’ve managed to keep up on the laundry fairly well, but everything else is a disaster. I’m pretty sure one day won’t make much of a dent in the mess, but if I can muck out the bathrooms and kitchen I’ll be a much happier scrapper.
DS-A is already making his Christmas gift list. We have been getting fat catalogues full of interesting toys delivered to our house and he’s been wandering around the house with the publications tucked under one arm. So far I have been asked to get him a popcorn machine, a pop machine and “this little plane thing that has a parachute in the back of it, it’s sort of like a plane car”.
DS~L has put in his birthday request for a PS2 game and a cat. Not just any cat, but another part-Siamese part-Persian blue-eyed, female, kitten. That’s going to be easy to find. Not!
It looks like my camera is safely mine again. The newspaper has purchased another one. The other day I had DS-A take this photo of me. Then I got stupid and took some photos in front of the fan. I’m pretty sure I won’t be quitting my day job to be a model.
Boy is this blog scattered, but so am I. This is a lovely peek into my world today.


Roxanne said...

You are so funny! I hope you get to spend more time with DH soon but we sure did miss you yesterday! You were very missed!

Rox -

Cindy Lee said...

you crack me up! great layout, by the way! have a great week! Cindy Lee

Wyo sis said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! I don't know what happened but my bookmark quit updating the blogs and both you and Karen had expressed that you were having trouble with some postings, so I just thought the blog site was down. I'll get smarter next time, we';; see what the bookmark does now that I'm wise to it.