Thursday, August 31, 2006

So tired

I've been in front of the computer all day writing about classified adds and the upcoming volleyball season.
Neither one of those stories flip my switch.
The good news is DH doesn't have to work his second job through most of the weekend. If we wanted to we could go hang out with the Beverly Hillbilly sister.
We have to weigh the pros and cons, pool verses well, you know.
I'll try to say more tomorrow.


Wyo sis said...

Is there honestly any question?
I'm glad to hear dh gets a weekend off. It is truly torture to work on weekends.
BTW are you soooo happy to see Angela go home at last even though it was so cruel to take her all the way to Paris and then send her home.

Big Sis said...

I got the Beverley Hillbilly Invite also. I am not so sure I can take up that offer. DH was in the hospital again last week. This time only 4 days not 10. No ICU this time either. It seems that a previous surgery about 12-15 years ago is comming back to haunt him. Because of scar tissue from that surgery, he now has a potential for reaccurances of the "plumbing" problem at any time. At least I recognize the symtems now, so i know when I go to the emergency room with him. Oh Boy! what fun. I have a three day weekend. Yippie!!!

SageHen said...

Yep, I was glad to see Angela go. Her outfit did not travel well.

But I wish Vincent had gone long ago.

kSTEVENSfam said...

ME TOO!!!!!!!! I hate Vincent!! I dilike Jeffery also but he has talent. I think I will wear a yo-yo on my lapel today in honor of Angela.