Thursday, August 03, 2006

Boy in a hat

What is it about this boy in a cowboy hat that makes me want to take photographs? He looks so good in that hat!
DS-A was invited to a cowboy-themed birthday party yesterday and had his first rid on a horse.

It is rather sad, really that he hasn’t been on a horse before now. Both of his grandpas spent a lot of time on horseback. Grandpa L was completely horse crazy as a child and never really got over his love of the critter.

We have photos of DS-L riding Old Yeller, Grandpa L’s last horse. But he had to sell it when A was very young because of his health (grandpas, not the horses).

Cowboy hats bring back so many memories of my childhood. My father always wore a dusty, crusty, sweat-soaked hat when he worked the ranch. He used it to keep the sun out of his eyes while he bailed hay and fixed fence and walked the ditches for irrigation.
My grandfather, on the other hand, had quite a wardrobe of handsome hats. All of them were Stetsons. Every time he came to visit my family he perched the hat on a safe high place, and woe be unto the grandchild who should touch it.

Yep, he was a real cattlman, was my grandpa. He wore Stetson's and Pendleton shirts and thre was probably a specific brand of jeans and boots he wore, too, but I don't remember what they were. Having the cattleman wardrob no doubt save him a lot of fuss when it came time to dress. As for shopping, I don't recall him ever shopping for his clothes, that's why he had his wife and daughter.

As we are getting ready to go school shopping this week, I am a little suprised to see my DS-11 express an opinion of what he wants to wear. He has been planning his school wardrobe all summer. I sure hope we can find what he wants, because if we don't it will be a very, very bad day for everyone. Who told pre-teens they were entitled to have opinions, anyway?


Wyo sis said...

What a cutie! Yes, there were specific jeans. I'm not sure about the boots, but the jeans were levi 501's and they were NEVER washed. He grew up at a time that faded jeans were a sign of poverty. His jeans were worn until they stood alone, but never never washed. Once they were washed he would never wear them again. It may be that 501's shrink and he couldn't get into them after they were washed or it may be that by the time he allowed them to be washed they disintegrated. He had several pairs in rotation at any one time, newer ones fit to be worn to town and older ones fit only for work.

horseygal said...

Definitively something very sexy about a cowboy hat!

(Cute photo too!)