Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bye-Bye photos

I appear to be photo jinxed.
Not only am I blocked from downloading photos to my blog. I don't even have a camera anymore.
Monday morning my editor called and told me the newspaper had been robbed. The theif took the cameras and lenses. The only two cameras spared was mine and the camera he (the editor) had taken home with him.
So this morning I relinquished my camera.
I get it back tonight because I have to work all day tomorrow at the "Business Expo" followed by the "Taste of Tooele" (I hope that isn't as scary as it sounds)
Thursday I am taking a free cooking class from a local grocery store and doing a story about it.
On Saturday I'm covering the frog jumping, cardboard boat, triathalon excitment of Stansbury Days.
It's going to be a crazy week. Made more fun by the camera relay.
Stupid thief.
The cameras have probably been pawned and s/he is just getting off a nice little high.


Karen said...

Thieves make me so mad!!!!

Big Sis said...

I love your photos, hope you get the camera back soon

Wyo sis said...

How stupid! I hate criminals. They just wreck lives without a backward glance. We had some thieves break into the school a few years back and just made off with everything. It was a lovely year trying to replace rverything.

horseygal said...

I have always wanted to take classes on Asian cooking. Maybe this fall?!!
Take care of yourself, you sound crazy busy!

Wyo sis said...

Hey! Little sis! What gives? You can blog without photos. I check every day, but nothing new! I'm having withdrawl symptoms