Sunday, August 06, 2006

A pinch of this, a bit of that

You have before you another entry with a pinch of this and a bit of that. I should be working on some SB pages, but I am thinking about taking a nap. It is Sunday afternoon, after all.
Back-to-school clothes shopping was not the nightmare I expected it to be. I let L have his head a little, picking out his own clothes, and there was not screaming, crying or yelling.
But it did cost a bundle.

L is my classic kid. He went for jeans and kaki zip-off leg pants and T-shirts with simple stripes on them. A, on the other hand liked the jogging pants with stripes down the leg and T-shirts with graphics ranging from brains to a skeleton hand in a baseball glove.
You wouldn’t know to talk to A that he had this wild streak in him, but he does. He loves to cuddle with mommy, and he’s not at all outgoing or talkative, but he is always throwing, running, swinging and making that boy noise. You know the one, the shisss, pfhissh, shisss, sound of motors of speed or whatever it is.

We bought church slacks for the boys, too. They already have white shirts, but until now we have been making do with black jeans. Now they are wearing the official polyester permanent press knit pants of Morman males over the age of 12. L bought a tie, too, because in a little more than a month he will be 12 and will be ordained a deacon. He and his daddy decided he better start wearing the tie now, so he can get into the habit.

I took this photo of A this morning as we were getting ready for church. The marble chute is something his daddy brought home from one of his classes. A has been entertaining himself for three days dropping marbles down the pipe and knocking over various other toys.
I loved the way the light in this photo sets a mood.

This photo was taken Friday of the hobo spider in his web right outside our front doorstep. The bug guys pointed it out to us while they were here drilling holes in the walls. L was fascinated by the web. It is made in a funnel shape and the spider is down in the bottom of it. The spider is the black spot in the middle of the photo. You probably can’t see it really well, but I wasn’t interested in getting too close to take the photo.
Shortly after we took the photo, the critter was exterminated.

Tomorrow I go to pick up all my scrap book pages. I submitted 16 layouts for the county fair. I don’t know if there is any prize money involved, but I figured if I could get a few awards I could list them on my flyers for my free-lance scrapping for profit business. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

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Wyo sis said...

Gaaaaag Arughhhh Gasp Shreeeeeakkkk. Hobo spiders! What a blessing exterminators are. We are most likely going to have the school shopping experience on Thursday in Provo. A is easy to please, but if we take Kismet she will be a force to be rockoned with. She sees all the cute little 6th graders in her library and has definite ideas about how A should dress. A for all that she looks like a 14 year old in body is really just a 9 year old tomboy at heart. Maybe if we take both of them they will balance each other out. K says she can't get Thursday off, so we will probably swing around to her place on Friday and do the finishing touches to the shopping then. L and kids are here and we are having so much fun. P came tonight to stay for a few hours since he has to be to work on Tues morning. R and T came with fam tonight and Mom and Glenn came too, so we had a nice family get together. I'm exausted