Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boxing day

I have suddenly become the decoupage queen. The last time I did any real decoupage was when I was about 12 and made a garbage can for 4-H. Family members may remember that garbage can, it was wood, four sided and I covered it with images from cards. I remember one very cool card was a fold out with three young women in big dresses and umbrellas. I put one of the fancy ladies on each side of the box. I don’t remember what I did with the fourth side of the box, but I do remember being very challenged because I didn’t have a fourth lady.
If I remember right, the project earned a blue ribbon at the Lincoln County Fair. I have changed so much as I matured (not!)
Printed paper has always been interesting to me. This SEI is not exception. Isn’t it pretty!?
This little jewelry box is really quite small. I measured it against a juice can and the can came up to the second drawer. But I am delighted by the end result. DH dropped me off at JoAnn’s a few weeks ago when he went to the school supply store, and I knew the instant I saw this chest that I wanted to play with it.
In my usual cart-before-the-horse manner, I am just now thinking about what I want to do with it. I have narrowed my choices down to gifting it to a young female friend. (Can’t say more, they all read my blog) Or asking my LSS (local scrapbook store) to put it in her store, and put some business cards inside advertising my availability to scrap for hire.
If I chose the first I make a young female friend happy. (I hope)
If I go for the latter I have to make business cards and commit to being available to scrapping for hire.
I’m still not sure what I’m going to do yet.


andie said...

very cool!!!

horseygal said...

That turned out great!!!
Don't you just love SEI????!!!

Karen said...

You are so good! I'm thinking I need to bring my sad little table and some cute paper I found home for Thanksgiving and have you teach me how to make it awesome!

Shirley said...


~Debby~ said...

Love it!!
That was a good find!
Makes me happy!

pudding for brains said...

That is an AWESOME turnout!!
You better show that to Lori...She's gonna die!

Wyo bro said...

I I'm back! just checking in to say I'm still alive. I'll try and ketch up on all that's been going on. Sorry to hear about your cat. The little friend wouldn't be H. would it?