Saturday, August 05, 2006

Brief update

  • The bug guys have come and gone. The basement bathroom is off limits until Monday and the rest of the basement is recommended limited exposure. I snuck down to check out a few things on my computer but no time to scrap or watch TV down here.
  • Last night we all watched TV while sitting on the master bed. DH had to try to sleep through "What Not to Wear."
  • I took the kids to the County fair during the height of the spraying. L got sick on one of those whirling rides. (Not that I blame him, I always hated those things!) He didn't throw up, but he was not in a good mood.
  • I won a few prizes for my scrapbook pages. I didn't have a chance to look at them closely, the kids wanted to go out to the carnival. I bought $10 worth of no refundable tickets and we still have $4 left. No chance we will get back to the fair. Oh well.
  • Today we go school clothes shopping and DH and L have already had an argument. It's going to be a fun day!


horseygal said...

I just LOVE that show!!!!Your DH must have been thrilled (not!).
Glad the bugs are gone and good luck school shopping! At least treat yourself to a new scrapping item!!! ;-)

Big Sis said...

I think "What not to wear" takes itself waaaaaaaaay too seriously. The host and hostess could take a few lessons themselves. I do agree though when they tell various women that they look like streetwalkers. because most of todays "fashions" look that way. I wish I (1) could afford to Pay $100s on a blouse or skirt. I however do not even fit in average sizes. so even if I had the money to shop in the fancy stores I couldn't fit in vthe clothes. I HATE suits, jeans and black. I really fit the epitomie of what not to wear. I can't ride anything but the merry go-round. It is because of fear of heights though that keeps me off of the rides. I had anew belt and a coolent flush today for my car, but it is still going into the hot side of the safe zone. I hope it isn't the water pump, or something else even more expensive to fix! Have a good day!