Friday, August 18, 2006

Crazy, busy schedule

Today is the one day this week when I don’t “have to” work, although I do have notes from the cooking class I attended last night and “should” write them up while they are still fresh.
It’s been a crazy, busy couple of days. In order to retain possession of the camera, I have to work ~ a lot. Wednesday I attended the Business to Business Expo and the Taste of Tooele as well as the Chamber of Commerce breakfast on the fascinating topic of “business lending” Yawn.
Thursday I spent the morning writing those stories and went to a cooking class at the local grocery story to learn about Asian Cooking. Tomorrow I get to attend Stansbury Days where activities include a Frog Jumping Contest and Cardboard Boat Race.
Sunday I am teaching a class in Relief Society (the woman’s organization of the LDS church) about family and children. I had a lesson on faith all prepared for last week, but apparently I managed to get the dates mixed up and someone else was teaching the class.
Saturday and Sunday DH starts training for his part-time job working at a truck stop / convenience store. He will be working graveyards on Friday. Fun, fun, fun! He started back to school on Wednesday. We haven’t seen much of each other lately.
The boys start back to school on Monday.
Next week I have to write up the Stansbury Days story and the cooking story (If I don’t get it done this week) I also have to finish a 2000 word story about the Chamber of Commerce, research and write two stories about local volleyball teams and their starting season for the Fall Sports Magazine, and attend the Stansbury board meeting.
If I ever get papers from, I need to make some projects for my DT assignment. I also have another Ya-Ya class on Saturday and I want to make another project to advertise for classes in September.
I finally managed to get a photo downloaded. YaHOo.

Somewhere I hope to make room to paint the living room. The photo I did manage to download is one of the shots of the furniture as rearranged in the living room. Picture the walls sage green and the wooden furniture a combo of black and sensible hue and you get the general idea of what I hope to accomplish here.
If you don’t here a lot from me over the next week, consider yourself fair warned.

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pudding for brains said...

Ahhh! I can't believe your schedule...
Good luck.