Saturday, June 10, 2006

The ABC's of me

Last night and this morning were crazy, baby. I went to my LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) to take a class, because I have been asked to teach a class, and have no idea how the whole scrapbook class thing works. I took two of my Ya-Ya scrappers with me. The class was scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. We got home at midnight. The Ya-Yas are crazy girls, I tell ya. J and I managed to get our project mostly done. K did quite a bit of her project, but she bonded with the teacher and spent the last hour quoting from movies J and I had never seen before and laughing themselves silly.

This morning I had a photo shoot at 9:30 a.m. and a story to cover at 10 a.m. Nothing interesting to tell about the photo shoot. But the story was rather interesting the local DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) held an event at a historic Grist Mill featuring the crafts and craftsmanship of pioneer times. Most compelling was a "Pioneer Fashion Show."
The back coat pictured was worn by the ancestor of the woman modeling it during pioneer times. She is also carrying the shoes worn by her same ancestor. They had a very interesting speaker talking about what was worn, and why it was worn, during the 1800s by American women. I didn't expect much (except a good photo op.) from the event, but the fashion information was really fascinating.

I plucked this ABC list from my niece Karen's blog.

A (Academics) – I have a BA in from Utah State University.
B (Beverage) – I want me some Dr Pepper, or Cherry Pepsi, but I’ll settle for Sam’s Club carbonated flavored water.
C (Chore I Hate) – Laundry, anything related to the bathroom, paying bills. Well ~ pretty much everything, really.
D (Dogs) – Big dogs Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Standard Poodles.
E (Essential Electronics) - My computer, D-Rebel, scanner/printer.
F (Favorite Perfume) – I have lost my sense of smell, so it doesn’t much matter to me.
G (Genetic Flaw) – Allergies.
H (Hometown) - Star Valley WY or the ranch close by.
I (Insomnia) – Only at night.
J (Job) – Mommy, newspaper reporter / photographer, wanna be scrapbook designer and teacher. Impossible dream, author.
K (Kids) – Two boys, 11 and 7.
L (Living arrangements) –Me, my DH, my 2 DSs in a three bedroom circa 1950s ranch style house, complete with deck on the back. “My house, in the middle of the street”*
M (Music) – Dire Straits. Billy Joel, ZZ Top, Van Halen, pretty much anything ‘8s rock that isn’t too bubblegum *but I know it all.

N (Nickname) - You can call me "Al."
O (Opinion) – I get my marching orders Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.
P (Phobia) – Driving in traffic ~ I love driving alone on country roads. Crowds ~ which is related to my traffic phobia.
Q (Quote) – “Hey, there’s a thumb in all my vacation photos,” Bobby, age 6.
R (Religion) – LDS
S (Siblings) – Three older sisters and one younger brother.
T (Time I Wake) – 4:12 a.m. go to the bathroom. 5:17 a.m. tell the cat to shut up. 6 a.m. say something unintelligible to DH who gets up at 6 a.m.. 7-7:30 a.m. get out of bed. 9 a.m. wake up.
U (Untold Secret) – Well if I told you, it wouldn’t be untold, would it. But trust me, it would really surprise you.
V (vegetable) – Broccoli, carrots, sweet pea pods, that’s about it, really.
W (Wish) - To really start making money with what is now my hobby.

X (X-Rays) – Nope. Never broke a bone.
Y (Yummy Foods I Make) – “Nothing” according to my sons.
Z (Zodiac Sign) – Sagittarius is my astrological sign and I was born in the year of the Dog.


Breanne said...

awesome pics! and what a fun abc list. i might have to steal it! ;0

~Debby~ said...

Awesome abc list some of my answers would be the same...

Wyo bro said...

Academics: Batchelors, Ag. Science USU (GO AGGIES)

Beverage: Caffine free Mountain Dew and milk

Chore: not quite making a living

Dogs: Angus (mostly Black Lab.)

Essential electronics: light, heat, cooking

Favorite Perfume: fresh out of the shower (wife)

Genetic flaw: low self-esteem

Hometown: Afton, Wy and Crow Creek, ID

Insomnia: when a kid or wife isn't home yet

Job: What I do to feed my family (see Chore)

Kids: 3 boys, 1 girl

Living arrangements: comfortable paid-for home in the best town on earth.

Music:Styx, Foreigner, Journey, ZZ Top, Def Leopard, Lover Boy, AC/DC, Chuck Mangione, Manard Furgison, REO Speedwagon, Boston, Dire Straights, Pat Benatar, Go-Gos, Ted Nugent, ABBA, plus many, many more!

Opinion: Rush and Glen Beck are almost always right except when they are too liberal.

Phobia: band-aids

Quote: "No matter where you go, there you are!"

Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Sibilings: 4 older, wonderful, smart, talented sisters

Time I wake: 5:00 AM

Untold secret: Will remain so

Vegetable: Anything but Lima beans and olives

X-Rays: Right foot- after my horse "Moose" fell on it

Yummy foods I make: Potato Salad, Stompot (Dutch dish with potatoes and sourkrout), Meatloaf, "Sorenson Sunday Supper", anything involving a can opener.

Zodiac sign: Libra

Wyo bro said...

Niece Lisa pointed out on Karens blog that there was no N or W. I wrote Nickname and Wish on her comments.

kSTEVENSfam said...

I put the same answer for my untold secret also. We must be related.

Wyo sis said...

Very interesting and revealing, except for the still untold secret.
I wonder why the lady was carrying the size 4 thin as a needle shoes? How did those women get so much done tottering around on those tiny feet?
Using your blog as a family communication convenience. In answer *(or comment) to bro very wise and diplomatic answer to the Sibling entry. It's sort of surprising you are not some kind of Gigilo with your deep understanding of BS.

Lincoln Sorenson said...

Academics:up to 7th grade/but smarter than most 7'ves

Beverage:Pink lemonade,Lemonade, Dicaf Mountian

chore:dishes, laundry

Dogs: Angus

Electronics: Alarm clock, Palm pilot

Purfume: Shower,Good strong deodorant

Genetic flaw: Back Trouble/migrains

Hometown:Afton Wy

Insomnia: Hungary very hungary

Job: Move pipe /mow lowns

Kids: None

Living arangements: Couch /sometimes bed

Music: Styx, Cars, Foreniger, Beatles, Bob marley, U2

Nickname: Link

Opinion:Every one should play basketball with me!!!!

Phobia:Not being taller than dad/ Not having over 3.952 G.P.A.

quote: It Builds character/ The Hobbits are going to Isengard.


Siblings: i sis, two bro's

Time I wake : If a shot gun went of by my ear other than that when I get hungary

Untold secret: ? / Stay untold

Vegetable: Onion/Po-ta-to's

Wish: Be 7 feet tall and pretty strong and fast

X-rays: were to start- Thumb, Chest, M.R.I. on head

Yummy foods I make: Ham sandwich/ Famous nodles, tomato sauce, and cheese on top with garlic powder, season all ,and Pepper.

Zodiac sign: Year of monkey/ Element-water

Karen said...

Excuse me but you people need to start sharing those secrets. I fessed up to mine which is waaaaaaaaay more embarassing than anything you could possibly share!!!!!!