Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a bride??

My family and I attended a rather unusual wedding last night. The groom wore a bow tie, the bride wore white. They both wore parachutes. The couple was married while skydiving in the skies over Utah’s West Desert. They said their vows on the airplane, took the leap of faith and exchanged rings and kisses mid-air during the free-fall.
Usually when I cover stories I labor in obscurity, but this event had all kinds of news media in attendance. Including myself there were three print journalists there as well as four local television broadcast teams.
But the impetuous for the event was the wedding was being filmed by The Learning Channel (TLC) for their “Wild Weddings” program.
My oldest son was fascinated not only by the airplanes and skydivers, but also by the television crews. He was so excited to see the show on the news later that evening.
The youngest child was just interested and slightly alarmed by the aircrafts. When I asked him if he wanted to stay up and watch the program air on TV he said, “No, I’ve already seen it.” Clearly he is not a junior journalist.
This morning I filed the story and prepared to go to the newspaper office to write captions for the photos and pick up my camera card. The staff photographer was delayed because of an automobile crash, so I took the photos and gave him my camera card when he finally made it to the wedding.
While I was in the shower DH knocked on the door and told me my mother was on the phone. After toweling off and dressing, I asked her what was up and she basically told me her husband was driving her crazy and could she please come to my house for a few days to get away from him.
So at some point this week, Wyo. Sister and my mother will be arriving to visit. Wyo. Sister won’t stick around, but Mom doesn’t drive long distances. Neither one of them have seen my house since I moved into it in 2002. I have a lot of cleaning to do.
I expect the next three weeks will be crazy ones, with Mom’s visit, my work, DH and DSs being home from school and a family vacation on the horizon. I don’t suppose I’ll get a whole lot of scrapping done.


Wyo sis said...

I expect you are right about that! I am beginning to not expect to get a lot of anything done, what with driving various people to various places all summer. This my-husband-is-driving-me-crazy trip could catch on! I just hope I don't have to drive all the m-h-i-d-m-c's to wherever they decide to escape. Gordon would like to go on a my-wife-etc.etc. trip, we had words about who left the light on downstairs. I accused him---it was me. Oh S---. I wish he would be wrong just one time!

~Debby~ said...

I saw that on the news.. Cool!