Saturday, June 24, 2006

To my beloved family members. Need I say more?
Perhaps I do. The vacuum just started upstairs. No one is home but me and she and I am on the computer.


Wyo sis said...

I know! The facination on Logan's face is another alarming thing. He may have upholstry in his future. That "fix it" gene is a powerful one. I have it but resist it. For instance I can put off a project for a looooong time, but if I think of it powerfully enough I have to give in by about 4:00 PM just in time to make a long night of it. I finished Ashlee's curtains at about 2 AM this morning. Now it's time to start painting.

Big Sis said...

Thanks for the B-B-Q. It was nice to see you. I really liked the drive over. Your house is cute, your boys adorable your DH is patient with the invasion. Maybe some later when there are less bodies around we can do it again. :]

wyo bro said...

I know what you mean.