Thursday, June 29, 2006

Be warned, foot photos ahead

So we went for a little drive this afternoon. I wanted to go to SLC to pick up some Old Navy T’s for the July 4th photos. This is only weird if you are not a scrap booker. We had a slow dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack (I won’t be going there again). Then I stopped at Roberts crafts and only bought two packages of posts for a mini-album class I am going to be teaching.
Since we had nothing special going on we decided to take the long way home and ended up in Wendover Nevada/Utah where we bought an over priced bag of M&M’s three cups of soda pop and some headache medicine and drove home. We ended up on the road for seven hours.
I’ve been to Wendover once before, when my husband was offered a teaching job there five years ago. We went, we saw, we decided thanks but no thanks on the job and returned to our home. At that time it was in southern Utah. The next day DH drove back to interview for his current job ~ still in Utah’s west desert but much closer to civilization. We moved less than a month later.
Wendover has not really improved much in the past five years. My 11-year old DS was pretty happy when we told him we had been offered a chance to live there when he was in first grade and turned it down. He didn’t like the town at all.
But the salt flats are always interesting, for the first few minutes of the drive. I wanted to stop and take pictures at the “tree of life” sculpture in the middle of the flats, but there was no place to stop. Darn our law-abiding personalities, anyway.
We did, however, stop at an official rest stop and take some pictures. We also drove out to the Bonneville raceway ~ but there wasn’t much to see.
So now I am home and grateful once again for a choice we made five years ago. It actually was a somewhat difficult decision, because we did not have a job at the time. But it has turned out for the best.


Wyo sis said...

At first I was frightened like a little bunny, but the foot photos are not so bad.
Boy when you take a little detour you really go off the rails. SLC to Wendover is probably one of my least favorite stretches of road. It's a toss up with the rest of Nevada. It's nice to remind your kids of what they have to be thankful for once in awhile. K periodically thanks us for not naming her Mona.

Karen said...

Your damn right I'm grateful! I can just imagine the little kids at the library calling me "Miss Mona" *shudder*

JoE said...

LOve the photos, and you are right, Old Navy 4th tees are a must....LOL