Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wyoming cousins

My sister-in-law came for a visit yesterday so she could take my mother back home. I love my sister-in-law. Really, I do.
While they were here my children played with the cousins.
The oldest girl headed for the tree in the back yard the second she walked in the house. The other children played with sticks, while the youngest boy tried to figure out how to make our swing work. It took him awhile, and it was seriously funny to watch. But he eventually got the hang of it.

My brother has three boys and one girl. I have two boys, so the yard was filled with little male bodies. They are active little creatures.

The oldest boy is 6’2 inches and still growing. I think he is 13 years old. I lured him into posing for photographs by offering him chocolate, and then I told him he could go make himself a sandwich. I think he ate three of them before the two hour visit was over. It takes a lot of food to stoke the fire of a teenaged boy growing a foot a year.
My mother saw the children climbing in the tree and set up a photo shoot for me. Alas, the light was a little funky and it didn’t work well. (hehehehehe) I found something Mom isn’t good at, who knew?
It was a fun, but short visit. They will be coming to say with us for a longer visit in July. I hope to get some better photographs then. We will probably take them to see an Air Force museum in the area.
After Mom left I slept for something like four hours ~ it was wonderful. Then we grabbed some “fix-your-ownie” for supper, went shopping to buy stuff for L to put in a tin foil dinner for a Boy Scout event tonight and rented “The Pink Panther.” It was so much fun to just veg and laugh and eat M&Ms together as a family.This was Mom's vision of a nice photograph.

After messing around in photoshop, I was able to come up with this image, it's a little bet better, but the shadows are still playing havoc with the faces.


chiara said...

oh I love that you have a big ole tree in your backyard how fun.

May said...

that reminds me of the apple tree my mom used to make us pose in. funky shadows always, but truly treasured pics. =) How nice!!!

~Debby~ said...

Fun times. But I just wish sometimes that kids didn't grow up ya know?

Adrienne said...

Great pics!

Wyo sis said...

I hope you never let mom know you can do something better than she can! I love the pictures of the kids. I would have loved to watch M swing/fall isn't he just a little angel figurine? If he weren't all boy it would be seriously scary.

kelly edgerton said...

I seriously LOVE these cousin pictures. They are precious. And I'm laughing about your comment regarding how much the 13 year old ate. John is 14 and he goes through a loaf of bread a day... by himself! I hear you on how much food these growing boys eat.

wyo bro said...

L is not 6'2" yet I think he is only 6'1" and is off to scout camp today(July 3)