Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Ya-Ya Code

Yesterday and today I spent some time with Ya-Ya Quick Rabbit helping her do an iron on photo quilt block for a church project. I did an iron on block for my family, so Quick Rabbit asked me to help her.
Actually, it has kind of snowballed.
After I turned in my block the woman in charge of the project called and asked me to take a picture of our Bishopric (Three men who preside over a Mormon congregation or Ward). Since we are making the quilt for the Bishop, and we are trying to surprise him with the gift, it was a little tricky to call everyone, and say “hey, we need you all together dressed in your Sunday best for a photograph, and no, I’m not going to tell you why we’re doing it.”
But they were good sports, and I managed to get the Bishopric block and Quick Rabbit’s block finished last night. Then Quick Rabbit enlisted Ya-Ya Sitting Duck and asked her to contribute her family photos. I still have that one to scan in and iron onto a quilt block.
Ya_Ya Running Mascara is also doing a photo block. It’s kind of our Ya-Ya version of The Da Vinci Code in quilt form.
I don’t believe it will be a major motion picture.
But while Quick Rabbit was visiting today, her little guy kept my bigger guys busy herding him around. Kade is crawling, and boy does he cover ground quick. He stopped for a minute to watch the boys play catch on the lawn and I tried to catch a few photos.
As you can see, I had mixed results. But I love the photo of him reaching for the camera because you can see his two little teeth. I never did get good photos of my babies first teeth.


Wyo sis said...

I kind of like the one very blue eye. How did you do that? The photo quilt is a good idea. I bet the bishoprick is just a little suspicious that the photo op has something to do with a gift since the Ya Ya's are doing it, but maybe a quilt will be a surprise. Is there no end to the madness?! I must admit until the obsession wears itself out ther is very little anyone can do, even men of God. I have to tell you a story about Carol's ward. The bishopric, in an effort to find a job for a lady they were trying to bring back from a drug habbit and who needed to be reactivated, came up with a job that would ease her in slowly. She was asked to put together the ward bulletin. That way active people would be calling her and going to her house to give her things for the bulletin, and she would have association with people and have someone to sit by on Sunday and would recognize some of the people at church. The bulletin came out with many typo's, but everyone was very understanding and kind. One Sunday the bulletin featured a special announcement that the bishopric wanted everyone to be aware of. It was typed in bold letters and signed "The Bishop Prick"

Wyo sis said...
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me again said...

I guess I telegraphed that a bit with my fabulous gift for bad spelling, typing and timing. Alas!

yet again said...

I have no idea why my entry is there twice. Please tell me how to edit the comments!!!!