Monday, June 26, 2006

More grandma photos

We managed to get everyone ready for church yesterday. When I walked into the living room I saw my mother and sons sitting on the sofa together. All of them were wearing white shirts (or blouses) and black pants (or skirts), except me. I was wearing a red top and a denim skirt. I always was a rebel.
Anyway, the light was beautiful and they were all clean and dressed up so I had to take a few shots. I think this is the best of the lot. They look really good converted to black and white, too.
I send a few of them to Wal-Mart and will be picking them up and sending them (thoe photos, not the kids) home with mom today.


Adrienne said...

These are GREAT pics!

Wyo sis said...

Yes she is a little old white haired angel! Everywhere I go people tell me how much they love her and how beautiful she is. Glen decided to marry her just from seeing her come out of her house. What the h--- happened to us?

Big Sis said...

We don't have the same genes that she has, just half of them. I love the picture of mom and your boys. A beautiful picture indeed. I'll bet Wal Mart will want a copy to display in their store!!!

Cindy Lee said...

Alleen, those are lovely photos! hope your visit was pleasant! blessings, Cindy Lee

P.S. INXS is jammin on my blog, tee hee! I'm really a teenager in a 50 year old body!