Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All that Jazz

I ended up going to DH school today to cover an assembly featuring a Utah Jazz player, Dee Brown.
First, understand I don’t give a flying fig leaf about basketball or the Utah Jazz. But DH and the school have been trying very hard to “earn” the visit from the basketball player, and they called my boss, so I ended up on Jazz duty.
I checked my children out of school early (I know, shame on me) to go to the assembly and sit by DH while I covered the story.
Imagine my surprise when I found myself impressed by this 22 year old 6 foot tall athlete.
For the record, I didn’t see him play. I was impressed with the way he talked to the students about the importance of setting goals, surrounding yourself with positive people and getting an education.
In spite of being quite small for a basketball player, he has managed to land a spot in the NBA. What’s more, he took his college scholarship and while knocking the socks off the basketball world with his ability, he took 20 credits a quarter and graduated from college in three years. He is currently 30 hours away from earning a master’s degree.
The young man really has a good head on his shoulders. I’m glad I took my kids to listen to his lecture.


Karen said...

Bravo to him for being such a great role model. I'm glad your coverage turned into a great experience.

Wyo sis said...

Hooray for heroes! It is a real lift when kids see someone succeeding by working hard and being a decant person.

pudding for brains said...

WHAT??? I've been shot straight through the heart! I LOVE THE JAZZ.

And real heroes....

Anonymous said...

don't car about basketball. hey