Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Guess the photo, win a prize

Okay, maybe I won’t actually give out prizes, since my Wyoming and Utah family are very familiar with the white stuff in this photo.
Yep, it’s snowing.
Which would be delightful if I had no where to go today.
But I have an interview in a lingerie store today and I have all that deep, deep, deep snow to shovel off the walk before I can go anywhere. The driveway is that undefined spot next to the white fence on the right. I know you can’t see it, I can’t either. That’s why I have to shovel it.
If I had my druthers, I would not be talking bras, panties and naughty nighties with some thin beautiful woman.
Instead, I’d be in my pajamas, up to my elbows in paper and paste (with a generous sprinkling of chocolate).
I know, I know, we need the water. But I am very ready for a vacation. How many days is it to Easter? The only problem with our anual pilgramage north for Easter vacation is Wyoming is not warmer than Utah. Is there any way we can move Wyoming a few hundred miles south during the Easter holiday?
Since I don’t have a scrapbook project to show today, I will settle for the obligatory cat photo.
Notice the look of intense concentration. This either means I’m eating something she wants or I’m dangling something she plans to rip out of my hands.


Hillbilly sister said...

If I were to cast my vote for the cat, it would be ripping that something out of your hands! Hope your trip is worth the trouble.

Wyo sis said...

I wish we could persuade snow to stay off the roads and sidewalks, and driveways, and steps, and any other place where we want to drive or walk. Either that or learning the art of nose twitching to get atound.

pudding for brains said...

Why is anyone obligated to shovel snow??? I DO NOT SHOVEL SNOW. I simply drive right over it.

(Of course for common courtesy, I do dump snow/ice melt on the path to my porch and stairs...I love my mail man!)

Snow melts the next couple of days later here in TOOELE anyhow!

Anonymous said...

Well i'm afraid you can't just drive over snow in Star Valley.
It leaves a mess and anyway you can't get over it most the time even in a 4-wheel drive at 30mph.