Sunday, February 04, 2007

Listen to your mother

Note to self: Be careful how well you educate your children.
Today I told DS-12 to put on his socks so he wouldn’t get sick.
His reply, “How are socks going to prevent me from contracting airborne illnesses.”
Me: “Because I said so!”


Cindy Lee said...

LOL! love ya, Cindy Lee

Wyo sis said...

You are so kind. I would have said it will prevent footborne pain when my foot connects with your a--. Dang their hides for beind so smart anyhow. Besides, everyone knows you don't get sick as much when your feet are warm. It also prevents jumpy legs. I'm sure he doesn't experience them yet, but if all goes as planned he will. (by planned I , of course, mean when he gets all the things we wish on him like sassy children and early morning risers.) And, so on we go toward another week protesting vigorously, yet futily....