Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love this guy

I’ve decided to keep DS-12. Not only did he let me take this photograph, he cleaned both his bedroom and his living room and did a spectacular job.
It all goes back to the electric carpet sweeper DH gave me for Christmas.
DS-12 loves it.
He always has had a love / hate relationship with vacuums. When he was still small enough to push around in a shopping cart, he insisted we take him past the vacuum display at Wal-Mart every time we went in the store to pick up his diapers.
We gave him a toy vacuum for his second birthday, but an unfortunate incident with his cousin, wherein she had the top of her foot scrubbed off when her older brother set the vacuum on top of it, gave him a healthy fear of the machines.
I never could get him to vacuum.
But he loves the carpet sweeper.
I sure wish we had bought one for him, er, me, earlier.


lil bro said...

Oddly enough DD12 dosen't have a phobia about vaccumes, just the normal aversion to cleaning something she was asked to clean. She does clean her own room with out prompting, mostly bacause a standard piece of paper would cover half of her floor. She will be amaized at the roomieness of a dorm room.

Wyo sis said...

What a little lovey! Why? oh, why? couldn't Ash have gotten even a tiny germ of a love relationship with any kind of cleaning. You say What?! She would need a mother who cleans?!!! Oh, once again it goes around to the mother. Crap

cousin that got vacuumed up said...

I'm actually love vacuuming too. I have a job doing it at a store.