Friday, February 09, 2007

The cat's in the paper

I’ve been asked to write a story about “the state of marriage,” for the Valentine’s edition of the newspaper. (It is being published on Feb.13th) I was talking to my editor about the story and possible art when she said the photographer suggested something scrapbookish, like maybe some scrapbook pages and did I have any wedding scrapbook pages?
As it happens, I do.
Word up for the Bowldoggs, you are going to be in the Tooele Transcript on Feb. 13. I’ll buy extra copies for the family.
I’m supposed to get permission from all involved including the models and the photographers. If I don’t hear otherwise from any of you, I’m going to assume I have the go ahead to run the pages.

Meanwhile, this is my latest scrapping project.

This morning I heard DS-8 in the bathroom giggling. Then he came out and said "look what Ginger is doing."

I looked, and this is what she was doing. I had two instincts, the first was to strangle the cat. The second was to take a photo.

I am happy to announce Ginger is still alive.

I hope to scrap the photo of Ginger helping herself to the toilet paper sometime today. I’ve also sent a copy of the t.p. photo to stuff on my cat. It strikes me as the sort of thing they might like.


lil bro said...

Well, at least you got a cute picture out of the deal.

Roxanne Bagley said...

At least it was your cat and not your yungest DS who did it unlike at my house ;}

Gotta love them both still!
Cute photos, ill have to show you mine some time.

Rox -

Wyo sis said...

This is the kind of thing that happens when you let a fur person into your house. They act like barbarians. The neighborhood fur barbarians have taken to "marking" the packages the UPS man leaved on the doorstep. The other day I looked high and low for where that horrible smell was coming from, and thank heaven it was in a plastic shipping bag. Maybe there is a special extra smelly corner of hell for such creatures.
On a more human note Adam truely is a ham, but an awfully cute one.