Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's all in the packaging

I imagine you all are getting tired of seeing scrapbook pages on my blog, but I'm not tired of making scrapbook pages, so I guess you'll just have to suffer through it in case I actually sandwitch some news in here somewhere.
Hillbilly Sister asked me about idea generating, and this is an example of the strange places inspiration will take you.
Yesterday while I was cleaning up my scrap space I found a box of "Petaloo" flowers someone had given me. I like the flowers, but I adore the box. However, it takes up a whole lot of room in my storage, so I decided to throw it out. Well, not exactly. I covered the lid with blue paper and used it for the title / picture frames on this page.
I've been holding onto the "Bowling" paper for several years now. I bought it to make something for Wyo Sis. If you know her, you know why I found this paper so entertaining.
I called the falconer today, only to discover March is not falcioning season. The birds are molting, and getting ready for fall, which is the hunting season, Duh!
So I went with plan B and am talking to a woman who lived in my ward (julie) when I moved here, about Cystic Fibrosis.
Her second child, a son, was born with the disease about four years ago.
I have a connection with C.F. because when I was a kid the girls in my church took on the task of collecting money for the disease. I remember learning about it from our Seminary teacher, who had a niece or nephew (I can't remember which) with C.F. I also remember going door to door trying to pronounce Cystic Fibrosis in spite of being terrified about talking to strangers.
Julie's sister, brother and parents still live in our ward. Her sister taught DS-12 his first piano lessons and was the accompanist when I was working in the Primary Presidency. Her brother was in the bishopric for a time. Her nephew (via the brother, not the sister with a C.F. son) is in DS-12s Boy Scout troop, but is the reason L hates Boy Scouts.
It's odd interviewing people I know. But at least I don't feel strange calling them with follow-up questions.


wyo sis said...

Yea for bowling paper! And I totally understand the reluctance to throw out such intriguing packaging. You made a cute page with it. so I take it that you are at liberty to interview anyone that takes your fancy. The switch from falcons to CF is a little random.

pudding for brains said...

Very neat-o design! Did I just say NEAT-O? What am I thinking?

That is such a cool box!

JoE said...

Very cool reuse of product!!! I love the page, and I never would have known that you recycled something to make it--very cool!!!