Friday, March 23, 2007

Layers, it's about layers

You won’t believe what I found in the kitchen today. The countertops!
I remembered them from a few months ago, but today all the stars aligned and I was able to remove stacks of papers, cat toys, spray paint, a pine wood derby car, two battery packs, an eight-pack of spaghetti noodles from Costo and a cap gun to find the bar between the kitchen and living room.
It won’t last, of course.
In my cleaning spree I also reorganized the message board. This, I confess was more a result of buying adorable little round push pins because they came in a cool magnetic container ~ they only cost $1 at Office Max and I passed on the cool magnetic container full of paper clips.
Another most extraordinary thing has happened. It’s Friday and DH has the night off. Someone at work called him asking to switch so he’s upstairs right now watching television. The boys are playing outside, and I have unearthed my scrap table.
It’s true, I should be setting up an interview with a local falconer for a Tuesday “Hometown” story. But I’m not. It occurs to me that right now the paper needs me more than I need them.
I decided to tear apart the “Kindergarten Kid” layout based on the words of Wyo. Sis. I really didn’t like it, and her comment that it looked like a Wanted poster sent me in the wanted poster direction. I ended up sanding and sewing the heck out of it. But I think it turned out much cuter than the original.
Also, Hey, Karen! You are famous! Thanks for the package, hehehehehe.


pudding for brains said...

Pretty Sweet! Hey! I posted! Can you believe it?
Check it out!

Hillbilly sister said...

Your layout is jaw dropping good! I don't know where you get your ideas, keep up the good work!

wyo sis said...

Love the layout. What is Karen famous for? I have a week of spring break (note small letters, as we are not doing anything fun at all) to find my counters, and the laundry room floor and the everything else that had disappeared over this depressing winter. I even plan to re-walpaper the bathroom. So much fun.

Karen said...

I thought I'd already posted!

Ah-well. All I said was that I like the layout and now that the word is out on my 15 minutes of fame I can post about it on my blog.