Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Peep show

In the spirit of Easter, I bring you the many faces of peeps.
Get ready for Spring with a new Easter frock.

Peeps! Not just for breakfast anymore.And let's not forget the religious meaning of the season.

If peeps don't please you, take a look at my latest layout.


Karen said...

I likes me some peeps!

Wyo sis said...

We may gone just that one joke too far on this one. I like the crossword effect on your layout.

Hillbilly sister said...

I agree with wyo sis about the joke being too far. I would be careful about wearing the dress in the rain! The only way I will eat peeps is if I open the package and let it harden for a few days. The crunchier the better. Weird, huh?

JoE said...

I love the peeps frock!!!

and that layout is really fabulous!!!