Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mornings reek

Getting up one hour early in the morning is a most ghastly proposition.
But I do like sunshine after the kiddos come home from school because they go outside and bounce around on pogo sticks, throw balls, chase the cat up the tree then climb the tree to retrieve her and generally get fresh air and exercise without whining for me to entertain them.
So this week has been a mixed blessing.
I’ve been obliged to drag my protesting body out of bed much earlier than I wanted to. But DH has been home for three evenings, we’ve gone out to dinner and I drove to my meeting on Wednesday in light instead of darkness. These are all good things.
Most important of all is the sunshine.
I’ve been in a deep, dark, nobody-loves-me, I hate my job, funk for months. Now I see the sunshine and I’m feeling much better.
Still, yesterday was a bit nutty.
Along with the usual scrambling for stories, taking kids to piano lessons and Scouts and going to the Stansbury Park meeting I also took baby photos for a friend (who happens to be the boys piano teacher), fixed a nice dinner for DH because it was his birthday, and sent the guys to the science fair because I was cooking dinner. I could have gone to the science fair, but then we wouldn’t have had anything to eat.
Today I was up early writing news stories. I need to take DS-12 to the eye doctor because he broke his glasses on Saturday and he’s due for a new exam anyway. It’s always something.
I don’t really have a point to all this rambling except I did want to show off some of my photos and let family members know I am available to take pregnant belly and new baby photos if they so desire. I love taking photos of new babies, and it’s one gift I can give without spending a lot of money.
The woman/ girl in these photo turned 19 the day after her baby was born. Isn’t she adorable? Is it just me or does she look like she could be one of Janene's daughters?
Her son was born a month early and spent several days in the NICU while she spent several days at the McDonald House with her mother. But everyone seems to do be doing well now.


pudding for brains said...

Nice. I especially love the feet!
I like the different angles.

PS: I love you!
(nobody loves me-HA!)

BTW: Water Aerobics, 830-930 pm
M-Th Pratt Aquatic. I want you to come and have fun w/ us!
This, Curves, and yes, THE BLESSED SUNSHINE have helped my blues blow away. What a difference the sun makes to my countenance!

pudding for brains said...

and yes, mornings stink!

wyo sis said...

Mornings --- how did Mr. I Love Morning have 4 of his five children so allergic to early sun. Mom, may not like morning, but she is up at the crack of dawn even now when she has every excuse to lay in bed until well after sunrise. She seems to become the opposit of whatever her husband is. Glen is a sleeper in. Oh, well, I suppose age might change me into a morning person, but so far I've managed to remain a slug. I'm with you in loving the long sunny evenings though. WE have the muddiest spring in history ahead of us thanks to the months of digging up the water system last summer and the coming months of more of the same. The kids at school come in soaked and apallingly muddy.

Hillbilly sister said...

I for one do not understand why we even need to change time! Leave it alone! Love the baby photos!

Big Sis said...

I love sunshine. I am not so happy about hot weather though. The kitchen at work is already an oven. The only time it was a reasonable temp at all was this winter when it was below zero. Hillbilly sis, check out my blog. Read my opinion of the time change.