Saturday, March 03, 2007

List of ten

Ten good things that have happened this weekend:

  1. I took a three hour nap.

  2. DH had the day off.

  3. We went to lunch at Olive Garden.

  4. I finished four (count them, four!) scrapbook pages.

  5. I have new Gs.

  6. I have two new books to read.

  7. The children are not fighting (knock on wood)

  8. There's a new niece / nephew on the way.

  9. If it's a girl it will be named after me.

  10. It's the end of the month and we still have money in the bank thanks to our tax return.

Ten things I'm ignoring right now:
  1. The kitchen needs cleaning.

  2. I have a story to write.

  3. I'm teaching in R.S. tomorrow and I should be writing the lesson.

  4. the scrap table, I could be cleaning it ...

  5. Or scrapping another page.

  6. Or even ironing shirts for Church.

  7. I want chocolate.

  8. DH watching LOST (well, I'm not completely ignoring it.)

  9. I need to put away Costco purchases.

  10. Then feed the family.


Big Sis said...

What the heck are Gs. I am guessing you mean Blue Jeans but they start with so I am not sure. Cool about the new one coming isn't It?

Big Sis said...

I mean they start with J so I am not sure.

Wyo sis said...

Angel wear, big sis! Alleen, you must have had a great day, good for you great days are few and far between. I am hoping for Mysha Alleen myself. Holland is a good preview and I think it's time for another girl in that testosterone laden family. Love ytour ignore list, I'm sure cleaning should always be ignored as long as the germs aren't actually big enough to see. Have a good weekend.

lil bro said...

Truth be told we are hoping for Mysha Alleen ourselves.

Hillbilly sister said...

So now I am going to be a grandma and an aunt again for the umpth time! I love your list, isn't it great when you can take a 3 hour nap? Lucky you, you will have your name passed down to another generation! To lil bro--I figured you wanted another girl. I gave up doing much housework where we are living,it is now a construction zone. I only vacuum and dust on friday nights when I know the dust will stay away for at least two days.