Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cat lady for fun and profit

If I were to become a crazy cat lady, I would probably be a breeder because I love kittens and I’m a little bit snobbish about what kind of cat I have in my house. I love all felines, but I want to own pretty, well bred ones.
I have always fancied Siamese, but today while I was looking at Stuff-On-My-Cat they showed this photo of some very lovely cats. Following up on everyone’s comments, I discovered they are bangels.
A Bengal Cat is a hybrid between several breedings of Asian Leopard Cats and Domestic cats.
Males can weigh up to 20 pounds and females between 7-12.
They look like a typical housecat except they are more spotty .
"The Bengal Cat is a distinct, unique breed of spotted domestic cat derived from the ancestral crossing of a domestic with an Asian Leopard Cat'.

I, of course, want one ~ sometime in the future after having lived a long and happy life with Djin, of course.
I have always held ~ deep in my little heart ~ a desire to own a leopard. You know, the kind of cats seen in those movies about slinky Egyptian princesses in heavy black makeup reclining on chase lounges and being fed peeled grapes.
I have come to terms with the realization that I will never be slinky or have servants peel grapes for me, but I have been known to lounge around the house.
So I have a plan. I’m going to be a bangel breeder. Of course this would involve an investment of several thousand dollars, since bangels are remarkably rare. It would also involve finding people willing to pay thousands of dollars for a cat. Ain’t going to happen in Utah, I don’t believe.
Still, it gives me yet another reason to live forever.


Alf's boy said...

Hey, why not? my friend David is breeding Golden Retrievers at around $5000 per. You don't have to sell them in UT you could sell them around to world. David (friend again) has gotten dogs from Russa and France.

wyo sis said...

I'm not sure I'm worthy. I like grey tabbies. However; I will carry on with my dignity intact and find a way to hold my head up! (insert laugh here) I think the bangles are very cute and I hope they have the wildness bread out of them or your poor house! Having a home business like that can be a real asset. My friend and her husband have a home business, and they can deduct almost everything on their taxes.

pudding for brains said...

My Aunt in idaho breeds those cats. She also breeds a type called Abysinian, which are I believe, the egyptian cats.
She has no problem selling her cats for obsene amounts of money.
Just a thought...
You could definetly make a go at it. It could be really crazy, but fun. My cousin Alec in Hawaii also breed Abys. In fact, while Judd and I were there last month, the female had delivered 3 kittens while we were visiting at his house. She came out of her room, WAILING loudly with Pride, we followed, and saw that she had had the babies. It was pretty cool. Oh geez, here I am talking about cats...Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.

Holl said...

Grandma thinks my cat is an Abysinian or Burmese. I dont care, he is just cute so I like him.