Thursday, July 12, 2007

Umbrage and moments of chagrin

DH, the boys and I went to the Harry Potter movie yesterday. It was great fun. Here are a few of my thoughts.

I loved Luna ~ her soft voice, combined with that spectacular hair reminded me a bit of Holland.

I did have questions about Umberage at the beginning of the show but by the end I loved to hate her.
Beatrix and Tonks were also great characters. I had a really time fixing Tonks in my mind while reading the book, the movie actually helped fill out the character for me.
If you did not know anything about the book, the move was spectacular. It flowed well, the special effects were stunning, it was just cool.
Having recently read the book, however, I will admit to being a bit confused on occasion.
That being said. Yes, we will be buying the DVD.

Today, in the aftermath of the movie, I have found myself busy once again.
I didn’t bother to shower, change out of pajamas, even eat breakfast this morning because I had two stories I needed to write and file.
DS-12 had a dentist appointment at noon, so at 11:30 a.m. I quickly finished my stories, put on some pants and clean unmentionables and hurried off to the dentist where I waited for 90 minutes.
Afterwards I took the boys to Wal-Mart. My plan was to pick up pop and photographs. Alas, they couldn’t find my photographs, so we settled on a brownie mix instead.
It wasn’t until after we climbed in the car to go home that the oldest son mentioned: “Mom, you shirt is on backwards.”
Tuesday I wrote an editorial about the lame condition of our community library. When I asked my boss this morning if he had any comments about it, he said nary a one. But when DH returned from a day of classes with other teachers, he said several liked it. Their only problem with the commentary is it wasn’t harsh enough.
Feeling please with myself, I went to the Pine Canyon Planning Commission meeting. Afterwards I went up to one of the commissioners ~ a fellow newspaper correspondent who I had seen waiting in line for Harry Potter 5 ~ and asked her what she thought of the movie.
A second commissioner asked me my name, I told her, and then she commented. “I work for the library.
*rut row*
We had a civil discussion in which I reiterated my point of view and she defended the lame excuse of a local library.
She didn’t convince me, but it was another “my shirt’s on backwards” moment that could very easily left me embarrassed.
Instead I found it amusing.
The moral of the story? If you are going to go out in public, be ready to be observed doing so.


wyo sis said...

I have had several shirt-on-backward/inside-out moments in my life, and they are exceedingly uncomfortable, if not downright mortifying. I do think that if you have as strong, particularlly a strong and published position, you had better be able to support it against an equally strong opposition. I am with you---it is sort of funny after a while. I used to get angry, but now, I defend myself and laugh it off. I've come a long way baby.
I loved the new HP movie. It is very well done, and A and I are determined to see it again soon. I want to see several moments over and over again, for instance Harry saying "I must not tell lies", Luna saying, "I see them too, you're as sane as I am", and the aforsaid (in K's blog) teaspoon remark. Plus, I totally missed (due to my inability to penetrate a think English accent) the whole last line of the movie. I am getting jazzed to read Number 7.

pudding for brains said...

yeah, what is up with this library?

Okay... time to scrap. time to pick up one hour @ the wal trap!!

Alf's boy said...

If you go to the dentist at 11:30 bring your lunch because the dentist is having his while you wait. Sparky has regular bouts of SOBW and he doesn't care. At collage you would see kids with their shirts on inside out but I suppose your shirt was clean on both sides.

Amy Sorensen said...

Having already seen it twice (LOL) I have to say that I think the confusion comes because some things are out of order from the book, with no apparent reason (like Snape starting occlumency w/ Harry BEFORE he even leaves Hogwarts for Christmas). And I have to say that I HATE that they had Cho as the informant. But I loved Luna!

Holl said...

What!!! I thought Luna was the weird one! (I havent seen it yet.)

Jill Ann said...

Thanks for your library article. You know my feelings on the matter...library snobs!!!