Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Famous kitty

Look who is on Stuff on my cat!

Yesterday I was called by one of the employees of my local scrapbook store. It was a good news / bad news call.
The business owner is going to the doctor today in hopes of being able to deliver her son. She is a week or so away from her due date, but she usually has her babies very early and going full term has been a challenge for her.
Unfortunately, the surprise of this pregnancy along with the expense of running the business has left her making the decision to sell the business.
I'm heartbroken. I love her store.
Another scrapbook store moved into town in May ~ which helped seal the deal on her decision to step down. Alas the "new" business is full of old themish, cartoon-like paper.
It is really not my style.
On a related, but different subject, the employee called to ask me to be on her scrapbook team for a competition in SLC. She and the store owner, as well as I and one of my Ya-Ya Scrappers are going to be on the four-woman team. (I am assuming the Ya-Ya will say yes.)
As part of the competition we have to come up with a team name, a logo and have a photo taken of our team.
I was pondering this last night while I was sweating and wishing for the bilssful escape of sleep.
Here are a few of my team theme suggestions:
Team Tulies
(a play on the word Tooele) I picture a photo of us in the middle of a field holding sunflowers
Salt and Paper
This plays with us being so close to the Great Salt Lake ~ but it can also be a cooking theme, with all of us wearing black and white (with touches of red) aprons. Photographed in a kitchen, of course.
Commando scrappers
Again, identifying with Tooele and its military history, I like this because I can see us wearing camo T-shirts. We could be photographed at industrial depot.
Area 31
Not quite as secret or far out as Area 51, but still the undiscovered scrappers ~ which could be another team name. I envision a “Men in Black” photo shoot here, on the salt flats, of course.
The Undiscovered Scrappers
We could have secret identities!
If only I could be so inspired with my page layouts.


pudding for brains said...

If we are the undiscovered scrapbookers can we wear paper bags on our heads?

Alf's boy said...

How about Area 50 or Area 52? How about Scrappeling warriors? or United Federation of Scrappers? or what ever you four agree on.

Holl said...

Team Tulies and Salt and Paper sound great. Have fun!!

wyo sis said...

Be careful of the word commando, I have heard it used to mean going without underwear. Have a great time and whatever name you choose will be good.

Angela said...

Oh man. I hate to hear your favorite store will close. That stinks.

Your cat is GORGEOUS! What a funny guy!