Monday, July 16, 2007

MMM now what?

I’ve been thinking about entering Memory Makers Masters, plodding along, putting together some layouts that are quite nice, but I can’t say whether or not they are prize winners.
This weekend I worked on the “I wish” assignment and my DS-12 played in the supplies with me as I figured out some techniques. He helped me set up the computer for journaling and offered feedback on the page.
Today I was finishing up the page (and I think it’s hot!) and mentioned that I was going to have to send it away, never to be seen again.
He was devastated!
The page is not about him, it’s about me. But he really doesn’t want me to enter the contest now, saying things to me like “you are not going to win anyway,” and “why don’t you just throw it in the trash right now.”
Thing is, he is probably right. I don’t have a big chance of winning.
What would you do?

I posted this question on my scrapbook message board and got some interesting responses. Now I'd like to her from you guys.

The rules of the contest are, you can send copies of four layouts but must send in the original of the "assignment" in this case the assignment is scrap about "I wish."


Big Sis said...

Send it! You have nothing to loose and you might even win!!!

Karen said...

As someone who is trying to work up the nerve to send in a manuscript to various publishers I say send it. Ignore what your pre-teen is saying! I realize that you won't get it back but you can recreate it and it was made for the contest.

Marci said...

Send it in. I had a color copy made of mine so that I can reproduce it. You might win, you might not - but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you entered, and those pages are being seen by the magazine. If they pick a few up for publishing, thats as good as winning to me.

wyo sis said...

Why are you listening to defeatist messages from a 12 year old? Send it and then y;ou'll know instead of wondering. You will regret not trying more than losing the page. I personally don't like to do the same thing twice, but you could, or even better ds-12 could!