Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's more fun to watch

I had a great many titles planned for this blog. Perhaps I might call it “It’s a long way, to painting Sagey” or even “Ready, Set, Paint!”
But after spending the last 24 hours indulging my wild hair and painting the living room, I have settled on the above title.
Yes, it is much more fun to watch “Trading Spaces,” “Property Ladder” “Flip that House” and “Designing Cents,” than it is to actually paint.
Perhaps that is why it has taken me the better part of a year to work up the energy / courage / nerve to actually apply the Sagey paint I purchased for my living during the Labor Day weekend ~ 2006.
Yesterday the wild hair hit and I decided the time had come to paint. I have a long weekend because of Independence Day, and DH didn’t work Wednesday or Friday. He is going in to work today at 2 p.m. I think I have found something he likes less than working for Flying J. … working for me.
DS-L is also impatient with my methods. He want’s everything painted and put back into place right now. If it can’t be right now he want’s a detailed timeline right now.
DS-A just wants to be part of the fun, but he had a hard time remembering he can’t put his hands on the wall.
The cat is simply confused.
I will continue with my Sagey saga later. Right now I have been informed by DS-L that I have to cut my afternoon nap down to 30 minutes because he want’s to get to that second coat so we can put the furniture back in place.
He was not pleased when I told him he was going to have to put up with two boxes of books in his bedroom for another day … or three.
I am gaining a new respect for my Mother, who had five young helpers.
BTW, Mom, Happy 80th birthday!


Alf's boy said...

Way to get right on that painting. Mom just simply would not alow us to be a problem. Why else are all five of us past masters on passive agression.

Big Sis said...

i love the green. I am rather fond of green on walls. I know how DS-L feels. I think that is the main reason that I put off so many things that need doing, I can't stand the disarray that happens when something is out of place, even if it is a stack of papers or some other nonsense. I find myself quickly becoming agitated and cranky.

Holl said...

It sure looks Beeutiful!!

Wyo sis said...

I'm with Hol. It looks great, Poor DS-L he would have had a stroke the year I repainted the old house. The living room had everything piled in the center for over a month. I frankly can't remember Mom painting, although she must have, because the house always looked nice and she changed the colors. The only thing about paint I remember was scraping about 3 gallons of latex based paint off the cupboards of the ranch kitchen after someone painted it over oil based paint. That was very vivid, and to this day I always put primer under anything I paint or wallpaper.