Sunday, July 22, 2007

Snap shots

1. Take a picture of three things in your home that represent you.

Here are our fourth and final set of Photo Challenges:

2. Take a picture of three things that epitomize the city/town you live in.
3. Take a picture of the three places you frequent the most. (these two did not happen because it's stinking hot outside, DH took the car with air conditioning and I'm not about to go running around with my camera on a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and no air conditioning.
4. Take a picture of all the people around you now.
5. Take a picture of your favorite shoes.

To be fair, these are not so much my favorite as my only pair of shoes. I think I have three pair of shoes in my closet (well, okay, on the living room floor) right now: Black heeled pumps for dresses, these for every day and a pair of those foam clogs for my frequent (ha!) trips to the beach.


Nathalia said...

You made the only and right decision...stay out of the heat! I'm not a summer fun loving type of gal. The only season of the year that I just want to stay indoors!

wyo sis said...

I went through my closet the other day (about 6 monyhs ago) and threw away all the shoes I don't wear, and now I have about 5 pairs. Two pairs are Croc's and I plan to add to the Croc collection. I truly love them! We are not much like Imelda Marcos, but we do have paper!

pudding for brains said...

I can't live without shoes!!
I would say though, that my husband definitely has several more pair than I. He has nicer clothes too!!

Nice Photos!!