Thursday, July 26, 2007

I may never be dry again

This week I have been reminded of the time Wyo. Sister came to visit me in St. George one summer. It was sweltering hot, and just before she arrived, the clouds burst and we were hit with a gully washer, which left the town not only hot but humid.
The first words out of Wyo. Sister’s mouth when she climbed out of the car were “But it’s a dry heat!”
Muggy doesn’t begin to describe the weather.
We went to Lagoon on Pioneer Day. My workplace has a tradition of giving employees tickets to Lagoon, and treating them to lunch every summer.
It’s been hotter than hadies, so we thought we were being clever dressing the boys in swim suits and riding “Rattlesnake Rapids” first thing ~ three times. For those of you who don’t know about “Rattlesnake Rapids” it is a pseudo white-rafting experience guaranteed to get everyone in the boat sopping wet. I’m very glad I didn’t take the camera, because my bag was soaked through after the second trip down the river, so I sat out the third ride while DH and the boys went.
We followed this by a trip on the log ride. Apparently the more weight in the boat, the lower it rides in the water and the bigger the splash when you hit the bottom of the slide. DH and I (plus the boys of course) made quite a splash.
In previous visits to the water rides, we have dried relatively quickly because of the heat. Not this trip. The high humidity just kept the four of us in our own personal weather system.
We went home right after lunch to peal off our clothing and change into something blessedly dry.
We ducked out of the Primary Parade by going to the movie “Ratatouille” that evening. It was a fun movie.
Yesterday, after a long day of trying to muster up the energy to do our daily chores in spite of the high humidity, the rains finally came. It was a monster cloud burst. Our street was flooded in short order and our lawn followed. DH was happy because we were getting water on the yellow spots on the lawn.
I was standing on the porch taking photos when the cat came streaking across the lawn yowling. She didn’t stop to go through the front door, but scurried into the shelter of the carport. Ds-8 was terrified by the lightening.
We were just sitting down to dinner when the power went out, so we finished the meal and I cleaned the kitchen in the dark. We had hopes that DS-12’s swim practice, DS-8 Cub Scouts and my town meeting would be canceled, no such luck. The power went on just as I was driving out of town.
It’s much cooler today, but everything feels kind of damp.
I hate humidity, so I am very grateful I live in a desert when the air is usually dry.


Marci said...

Wow, did you ever get dumped on! Hope it dries up soon.

pudding for brains said...

I can't believe this rain. It's as if I am living in the Tooele that I grew up in. It used to pour constantly throughout April May and June. Now it hardly ever rains. Now the question is, is that magnificent snow that used to exist in this county coming back this winter?

Thanks for making it to Asher's party. He is excited to try the glow balls in the backyard after dark!!

wyo sis said...

We saw the news about the floods near Tooele. I was hoping you escaped.
Your Day (half-day) at Lagoon sounds like a blast. Do you memember the little cartoon guy Dad used to like in Li'l Abner that had a little cloud following him around? That's what I flashed on when you decribed walking around in your own little weather system.

Alf's boy said...

Are we in the midst of a blog drought around here it seems.

Wrena said...

Now it is raining again!