Saturday, July 21, 2007

HP and ST weekend

I have too many fun things to do this weekend.
DH went down to Wal-Mart last night to brave the crowds picking up Harry Potter seven. He bought two books, even though we have one winging its way to us from Amazon even as we speak, because we have three HP fans in the house.
Since he is a elementary school teacher, he can put two of them in the classroom and get reimbursed from the school for the purchase. WhooHooo. Every job has its perks.
But I’m torn between reading and playing on line ~ even though I have a great fear someone will slip a spoiler in somewhere. But ScrappinTrends, is having an on-line crop weekend with prizes.
I came downstairs to have a shower and logged on to find this photo challenge, so I took a few minutes away from HP and went photo hunting.
Grab your cameras ladies! I'm going to be posting some challenges for you to capture with your camera throughout our crop. You'll get 10 points for each photo shared. If you create a layout with your photos you'll receive an additional 40 points!

Here are the first 5 Photo Challenges:
The only thing I missed was the sunrise. I could have shot a wicked sunset last night. We have wildfires on the mountains across the valley from our town. Last night we went for a drive to the neighboring town, about 10 miles from here, where DH works. It is being threatened by the fires, but they seem to have diverted it back over the mountain.
1. Take a picture of the rising Sun.
2. Take a picture of your favorite body part...keep it clean! lol

3. Take a picture of your craft table..right NOW!

4. Take a picture of your neighbor's yard.

5. Take a picture of yourself without makeup!
I took the photo right after I climbed out of the shower.

Here are the second set of Photo Challenges:

1. Take a picture of the first thing you eat/drink in your day.
I made the muffins to celebrate HP day.

2. Take a picture of what you're most proud of.
I am proud of my whole family, but DS-12 and Djin were the two members readily available.

3. Take a picture of something red. DS-8 in his red T-shirt.

4. Take a picture of what's in your fridge

5. Take a picture of something with wings.
DS-12 suggested this. It is not a real bird, of course.


Nathalia said...

The bird is hilarious! But it's perfect! Good job on ALL your photos! I'm really enjoying getting a sneak peek out of everybody's lives. And you're beautiful freshly showered Miss Alleen! xoxox

wyo sis said...

HP! I am so happy right now! JKR did it right and I am in awe. She has to go down with Tolkein and Lewis as one of the great fantasy writers of all time. I believe people will be reading HP in 100 years with just as much emotional investment as we are putting into it. I only wish everyone who reads the series in the future could have the years of happy anticipation of the ending we have Been so lucky to have. I'm in a state of emotional exaustion.