Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm thinking blue

Once again I’m pondering another possible career change.
It seems Jet Blue https://jetblue.recruitmax.com/ENG/candidates/
is hiring 600 people in the SLC area to work from home taking reservations. The pay is not great … in the $8 an hour range, but they do set up the computer equipment in your home and there is some flexibility. Employees can work anywhere from 15-40 hours a week.
According to the rumors you can set your own hours, get benefits like free air travel, and again, you get to work from home.
This is tempting to me because my current job has no set hours, no set time I am to work, and not as much flexibility as I originally believed it would have.
I’m thinking working a set number of hours on specific days would be a great improvement over my current job of loitering around the house while waiting for phone calls without being paid to do so. Plus, I would have a little more control over my hours.
I suggested it to DH as well. If he decided to pick it up and drop his current second job (which pays about the same) he would be home (albeit working) and he wouldn’t have to put nearly as much gas in his car to travel back and fourth. I just checked out the site, and they are looking for bilingual (as in Spanish and English speaking) employees.
As I write this, I just picked up a call from my job wanting me to put together three stories for a special section this afternoon. Did I mention my newspaper job is driving me crazy?


pudding for brains said...

Hey! I applied for the jet blue job today! I am hoping for some travel benefits, to get my family globe trotting! I also like to work during the night, so I am hoping to work night hours! (and scrap in between calls)
Put your availability date June 25th, then we could carpool to training together!!

wyo sis said...

Go Big Blue! It sounds like the perfect job for a stay at home like me. I actually typed I wish "I lived there". before I remembered where there is! I do NOT wish I lived in Utah. Bad pay for teachers etc. Plus the greater SLC area is just plain terrifying. What I do wish is that I could find something like the Jet Blue job to do here. What could be bad? (aside from the fact that it is work and it requires you to work when you'd rather sleep or play)

Hillbilly sister said...

I would love to apply; only problem? You guessed it, I don't do telephones very well. Sigh. . .
I so totatlly agree with wyo sis about SLC; I lived there for 18 years and I am SO glad I live in Alpine. Only, I am not looking forward to moving back to SLC. I am trying to figure out how to stay in Alpine, it will take a miracle.