Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get ready for some baseball

I didn’t think I would manage to get a photo posted today.
I spent last night at an EPA superfund meeting listening to engineers discuss arsenic contamination in groundwater.
Don’t you wish your job was as exciting and glamorous as mine is? (snort!)
I woke up this morning with a blinding headache. It was so bad DS-8 volunteered to get me some meds as I slumped on the couch trying to get them ready for school.
After they left I dozed on and off until 8:45 a.m. when the superintendent of our local school district returned my call (of Monday morning). I talked to him for a while and managed to get enough information for a story.
I ended up with enough information for two stories before 9:30 a.m. Whahoo! That almost never happens anymore.
As my headache had subsided, I got all ambitious and emptied the dish washer, loaded it up again, made a batch of muffins (looks like we are out of flour ~ put that on the list) and ….

Drum roll please

Paid some bills!

The most despised chore of all time.
Unlike scrubbing toilets (which is plenty icky, so I don’t do it much)
And folding clothing (which is pointless, so I don’t do it at all)
If I don’t pay the bills I start getting threatening letters written in red ink and sometimes I find my cell phone or cable television doesn’t work anymore.
Not that I’ve ever had that experience, nosiree bob. I’m always right on top of that bill paying chore.
After wading through the paperwork, ordering new checks because I had run out of them and paying a couple other bills by phone because I had failed to order new checks, I was ready to write my story.
And I did write it for a while, until I had to feed the boys and take them to baseball practice.
I took the camera with me and managed to get this photo of DS-12 watching the practice. I’m grooving on the way the shadows fall on his face.
Now I need to write the other story, get the kids in bed, watch LOST and maybe even fit in a shower there somewhere before DH gets home from work at 11 p.m.
I wonder what I’ll photograph tomorrow.
But consider youself warned. I'm going to be at baseball practices or games something like four nights a week. There will be more baseball photos.


wyo sis said...

bbiokbm (baseball is OK by me.) I have been playing around with Ash since watching the commercial about the little princess and the text messaging bill. She figured out dtdp(do the dishes please) but tried to pretend she didn't, now I'm hollering gtb! I think that one speaks for itself.
Many pics of baseball will be fun for me. I love to watch boys play baseball, although I'm not at all amused by grown men who are paid more than they deserve.

kelly said...

this is a great photo!! i loved your entry.. it made me smile..( xcept for the headache part..)