Friday, May 18, 2007

My place in life

Caption: in case you can not read it.
"Hamster-swallowing is simple when you use shortening and a shoe horn, as demonstrated by Al, a retired game show host."

There is something about this cartoon that appeals to my truly warped sense of humor. Back in the days when I worked for The Spectrum we regularly received packages full of these cartoons.
Other favorites included:

A sketch of a very large man crouched over a tiny table captioned Ray looked forward to the day he could finally eat at the adult table”

A drawing of a man on a desert island, clothes line tied to the single palm tree and the other end clutched in his teeth with the caption: "Aside from the crushing boredom it was laundry day he hated most.”

An illustration of a middle age woman in a dress lying prone on the pavement, her practical purse clutched in front of her on her stomach with the phrase: “Having finally found her place in life, she was happy to just lay there in it.”

Alas, I have lost these three cartoons. I think I gave the adult table one to my “little” brother. I had the laundry day illustration hung above my washer and dryer in my condo in St. George and I’m not really sure what happened to the middle aged woman.
But I’ve been feeling very much like that poor, resigned soul as of late.
There are moments of brightness, however.
Tuesday the Bishopric came to our home. I can’t elaborate because the announcement has not yet been made official.
We only have something like seven days of school left. The downside is I will have children in the house who want entertaining, but the up side is my DH will be home more to help entertain them.
My boss called me in to talk to him today and after our discussion about what I wanted from my job, etc. he told me I’m getting a $1.50 an hour raise.


I then told him I had been considering applying for the Jet Blue job, but the raise offer tipped the scale in favor of my sticking around at the newspaper a little bit longer.
I’m still feeling rather settled in my place, but the good news does help a little bit.

This is another 6 x 6 inch random memory layout. It's taken me hours to put together. Funny, I thought the small format would yield faster page designs.


Jill Ann said...

Did you print the journalling on your printer? If so, what fonts are they? I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

I have some bad news about the wisteria. They tore it out a couple of weeks ago in order for them to dig out a basement to add on the kitchen to the house. I was crying inside when I watched them dig it up with the back hoe. Fortunately, I was able to at least see the flowers in bloom for a few days before they bit the dust.

SageHen said...

I used a mixture of fonts on the journaling, the emphasis words are: Heather, Playbill and 2 peas High Tide. The rest of the text is in 2 peas Chatter.

wyo sis said...

How did I ever forget the place in life cartoon? It so perfectly describes my life. I'm just a large obstical that others have to work around, yet somehow I belong there. My function is somewhat like the irritant that causes the oyster to form a pearl. (Oh, brother, Mary and Carol would roll on the floor laughing at that.) Can't wait to hear the bishop info.

Big Sis said...

I think Ray himself made the table cartoon. It is on one of the family calendars. I still have the calender