Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knock on wood

Don’t look now, but things are good at this moment.
I have the information for three stories yet to be written.
I have a lovely stack of photos waiting to be scrapped.
True, my children are threatening to kill each other. But, they want to watch “MythBusters” the old West tonight at 7 p.m. ~ so if they scream, slap, kick or otherwise abuse each other I have ammo to hold over their head. The penalty of bad behavior is they either miss MythBusters or they have to pick up 10 items off the floor. The house could use a good cleaning. I’m confident my restless one-day-away-from-school-vacation sons will be in a position to earn a lot of brownie points.

I've been thinking about the whole process of writing / scrapping. It has ups and downs. When it comes to writing I find the process of collecting information ~ ie calling people and begging them to talk to me ~ is a huge challenge. Once the initial interview has been either set up or accomplished, the rest is just good fun.
I have a better time with scrapping taking photos, but still, it’s a means to the end, the joy of putting the story together on paper. So my happy stack of newly-developed photos gives me all kinds of inspiration.
I had planned to scrapbook pages for my Dutch niece this week. But when I went to pick up photos I realized I had somehow failed to send the images of her in to be printed. I’m going to have to wait until my next trip to the photo counter before I can scrap her.
But I did get two pages put together over the last few days. I used the same paper family for both of them, but the Sugar and Spice page used a photo I lifted from my nieces blog, and the Pioneer Roots photo has been in my photo fills since July.
I never know when inspiration will hit.
Did I mention DH is home tonight, we don’t have anything baseball related planned and DS-As usual Thursday baseball game is a bye tomorrow. I am almost giddy with excitement.


Alf's boy said...

Looking forward to the DD pages. Did you just get some weird rambling comment? I'm not so sure about this world wide thing lots of strange folks are out there.

wyo sis said...

I love the Abby picture. She is so much like her mother. She looks just like her in the picture. I hope she doesn't break too many bones, or hearts.

kStevensfam said...

I love the picture of Abby! She really is a welcome kink in the works and keeps us all on our toes!

kStevensfam said...

I just read the journaling on the Sugar and Spice page and I actually have a picture of her clinging to the top of our chin link fence with one hand while applying lip gloss with the other! And one of her sliding down the slide into a giant puddle of muddy water! She would run in the house change her clothes, slide into the puddle, change her clothes, etc etc, but she asked every time she came into change "Does this match?"

Karen said...

Cute stuff for sure that Abby.