Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pushing the envelop

Zoo Haiku
Zoo’s tiny wildlife
Flutters by on spotted wing
I capture it on film

How’s that for pushing the envelop with my journaling?
Now for a visit from:
Carmic the Magician

The answer is: A day, a night and a day.

The question is: How long have I been wearing the clothing you currently have on your back.

Okay, that’s not precisely true. I just had a shower and put on something new. But my point is, I am not a shining example of high fashion.
I am barely an example of bag lady fashion.
Clothing, frankly, just don’t interest me.
When I was a child my own mother said I dressed like the waifs in those “feed this child” advertisements. It wasn’t her fault. She tired to clothe me in a civilized fashion. But I tended to grab the first two things that came into my hands and wear them.
Time has not improved my fashion sense.
True, I now know what colors and fabrics work well together. But once I am dressed I tend to forget my clothing. This accounts for the fingerprint size smudge of Staz On ink on the right knee of my one “good” pair of blue jeans ~ the flair legged ones, with gems on the back pocket. I’m sure if you have seen me sometime in the past year, you’ve seen these jeans.
Since I have been wearing the jeans nonstop for a year, they are starting to show their age and I no longer dare wear them out in public for fear of shredding them when I sit down.
I don’t want new clothes. But I need them.
Strangely enough, although I have no interest in fashion, I rarely miss watching “What Not to Wear,” sniggering at the “befores” and trying to guess what Nic is going to do with their hair.
Part of me thinks it would be a fabulous thing to take the $5,000 gift card and advice from Stacy and Clinton to remake my sorry wardrobe.
But then I realize I have no real need for cashmere sweaters and pointy-toed shoes in my “office” in the basement.
Sure, a nice suit would be great for those endless meetings, but it would be only a matter of time before I ended up with ink on the sleeve or ripped out the pocket while trying to get out of my car.
I also suspect a wool pant is not very comfortable when used as sleepwear.
Maybe if you had cartoon drawings of Sponge Bob printed on it ….


Big Sis said...

I really dislike WNTW because the hosts are so snobby. I myself think they could use some WNTW advice of there own. The prices people pay for clothes are outrageous. I don't like to shop for clothes because the styles are so not to my taste. I like more color in my clothes and they must be machine washable and not need to be ironed, or once they are washed, and need ironing, they will probabably will never be worn again.

Alf's boy said...

I think the majority of ladies would do just fine with a white shirt and jeans except for church of course then maybe jean skirt would do.

Hillbilly sister said...

My how Dear GMH would cringe at the fashion of this day. I do not ever recall a time she wore slacks, it was always a house dress.