Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dead tired

I put together this little layout last night on a a 6 X 6 inch page. I’m following the example set by someone else in my scrapping circle and working on an album featuring random memories ~ just because I don’t have enough things to scrap as it is.
I’m dead tired after a two hour planning and zoning commission meeting where numerous folks argued about rather or not a fitness center was an appropriate business to have in a neighborhood shopping mall.
(In my view, a fitness center is not an appropriate business to have anywhere ~ it’s indecent! That’s what it is, all those people sweating and lifting things. Why can’t they eat potato chips and watch LOST like any normal American?)
I had no idea I would be attending said planning and zoning commission meeting until about 90 minutes before the durn thing started. It’s a crossover beat. I cover Stansbury (location of said shopping mall) and another reporter covers Tooele County and business. Even though it hit two of his three beats, I was the lucky (?) winner appointed to attend the meeting on the one night in the month of May when I don’t have anything scheduled.
This morning I had a whole interesting blog written in my head about my sad wardrobe. But I didn’t get it written before my boss called, and I haven’t been able to write it since then.
Maybe tomorrow, after I write the exciting story of fitness centers and hamburger joints.


wyo sis said...

Love the hair pic. Some of my poor kids were also blessed and so is Jake. We call it endearing, but some call it bad. It depends on the day and whether you are the see-er or the wear-er.

kSTEVENSfam said...

I love the random thought 6x6 book I just might have the time to do something like that!!

PS you can b**** about baseball all you want, my schedule might sound WOW but the majority of the games are only a mile away and the kids can and do ride their bikes there most days.

Why is May so busy, school ended, baseball starting, fire season beginning, garden planting time