Friday, May 25, 2007

Clothes horse

I should not be blogging. I have way too much to do. But I want to post some photos and do a little whining about my life, so you lucky folks get to read about it here.
Last night and this morning has been all about the clothing.
It’s spirit week at my sons’ school. They have been half-heartedly participating. A wore his baseball cap on hat day. On career day A said he wanted to be a “Mythbuster” and L suggested he could dress for the part by shaving off one eyebrow.
Today is sport’s day, and A insisted on wearing his baseball uniform. He had a game last night and was well pleased with the bright green grass stains on his knees. His plan was to wear the uniform with the stains, but when he climbed in the car to drive home he spilled his treat punch on himself.
I ended up rinsing out the pants so I could get the punch stain out, while avoiding a full wash and dry so we could keep the grass stains on the knee. This morning when he climbed out of bed I noticed he had been using his baseball uniform T-shirt as pajamas and as a tissue for his snotty nose. I stripped him, washed out the boogers and dried the T-shirt with my hair dryer.
Meanwhile, L has a world fair today in which he presents the country report on Israel. He’s been working on it for what seems like all winter. He was supposed to dress either in customary clothing of the country or in his Sunday Best. He opted for Sunday Best because it’s rather difficult to determine what would best represent Israel without being a little anti-Semitic.
We decided his white shirt and black pants can also double as a sports day uniform, he’s either Larry Miller or the member of a BYU sports team traveling to or from a sporting event.
DH is taking his students swimming today. This means he dug through the pile of clean (?) laundry to find his swimsuit. Now I have to reorganize the pile. He is also headed south for a family meeting and I have been charged with packing his luggage for the weekend.
I had planned to make the classic Mom Jello salad for a neighborhood going-away party / cook-out scheduled tonight. I don’t think I’m going to make it. I went shopping yesterday and picked up everything. But I bought big marshmallows instead of mini-marshmallows and I forgot to buy the pineapple. Besides, I’m running out of time. In addition to the packing I have to call all the high schools in the district for a graduation wrap-up story, attend L’s country fair, take photos of a golf tournament and dedication of a pavilion and try to get the house picked up so when DH brother comes to pick him up I don’t embarrass myself.
Oh ya, I need a shower, too.

As to the photos, they are my own version of “Where’s Waldo” I call it “Where’s Djin” she’s in all but one of the photos. Can you find her?


Hillbilly sister said...

And I thought I was busy!! I am so glad I no longer have to worry about kids in school. Good luck!

Big Sis said...

i think I spy Djin in the tree. Is she the small stumpy brown twig(tail) near the top?

SageHen said...

Yep, that's her tail.