Monday, May 14, 2007

Gotta blog

This is Daisy. She comes with her new adopted parents to A's baseball games and entertains the crowd in the stands. I can't remember what kind of mix she is, A Shitzapoo or something along those lines.

The pressure is on. Now that I have induced most of my family members to blog, I have an obligation to post regular entries. I had some great ideas this weekend, but somehow I never made it into the basement and onto the computer.
I spend most of the weekend reading. DH ordered the third of the Percy Jackson series and it came in the mail Thursday. I, my DH and our DS-12 have all been reading it. I have also been reading the second Fablehaven book, which DS-12 checked out of his school library.
Saturday while I was cleaning the kitchen I happened upon a booklet of coupons and DS-12 decided we needed to go coupon shopping.
I clipped while he made the list. Among the 35 cents off toothpaste and soup, we found a buy one get one free Ghirardelli chocolate coupon and a buy one Subway sandwich get a second sandwich free.
Plans made, we went adventuring. We decided to go to Macy’s instead of Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart is in the middle of a remodel project and the place is more annoying than a swarm or gnats right now.
All went well at first. A pushed the cart, L checked the list and I supervised.
But when we came to the chocolate isle A became bored and started running off with the cart. We couldn’t find the chocolate, I was getting grumpy.
Bryers ice cream was on sale 2 for $5, and the coupon we had was for double churn ice cream. But the boys wanted bubble gum ice cream and I did not want double churn, (I opted for caramel, chocolate dipped pretzel instead).
Subway was not fun, after ordering the sandwiches I found out I had to buy soda with the sandwich in order to get the deal. It ended up costing more than I expected.
We managed to save $13.50 with the coupons, which we spend on the Subway sandwiches. True, we saved $1.00 on Bayer Migraine medicine, which I needed after the trip to the grocery story with my boys.
After staggering home, melting ice cream (we were in Subway a lot longer than I planned to be there) and cranky children I realized although we had saved $13.50 ~ we would have saved $85 if we had just stayed home and made sandwiches from the lunch meat I had purchased the day before.
We went out to dinner Saturday night because DH had to work on Sunday. It turned out to be a lovely evening. We ate on the patio because the restaurant was roasting hot. The food was good, it was cool and relaxing outside, and the evening was fine.
DS-8 woke me up early Sunday because he had made a little ceramic dish in school for Mother’s Day. It really is adorable.
All in all, I suppose I had a pretty good Mother’s Day.


Hillbilly sister said...

Don't you just hate the wrong kind of surprises?

NO the baby has not come! A comment was made by one of my girls, the baby is just being lazy like we are.

wyo sis said...

It sounds like a good weekend was had by all. It's nice to know that coupon shopping is just as frustrating in a town with a Macy's and a Wal Mart as it is in a town with a Familee Thriftway and nothing else.

Big Sis said...

And are you Daisys' adopted parents. She cute.