Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mommy's little shortstop

DS-8 had his first baseball game last night. DH didn’t have to work his second job, so he was able to go to the game. Good thing, too, because A’s coach is note necessarily interested in making sure anyone but his own (bratty) child gets plenty of play time.
DH noticed a couple of children were at their second time at bat and A still hadn’t had a shot, so he went over and asked what was going on. The assistant coach said, “I asked if anyone hadn’t had a chance to bat yet.”
Problem is, A is not the sort of child to speak up and demand his turn. DH is, particularly when it comes to our children.
After sitting through one more extra long inning A had his shot. He made some great hits ~ which is to say the bat made contact with the ball. True, most of them were foul balls, but he wasn’t fanning himself like so many other players.
He was on his final strike when the pitch went wild and hit A in the head. He had a helmet on, but the helmet came up and smacked him again. He was a tough guy, but didn’t really want to run the bases so the coach sent out a pitch runner.
Still, he had a great time.
He’s playing short stop. I always liked the position because you get plenty of action, but you don’t have the pressure of the pitcher or catcher.
One more thing, I know you are not supposed to make fun of kids, but notice the guy in the left hand side of the photo on third base. Don’t his pants look a little ~ high. I frankly don’t know how he managed to run, although truth to tell, he was not a great runner.
We didn’t get home from the game until almost 9 p.m., the boys bedtime. A is really thrilled with baseball but clearly it is going to cause some problems in the running of the household.


Karen said...

You should talk to Lisa, she can tell you all about the disruptive nature of baseball on family routines!

Hillbilly sister said...

What the heck is URL? I would do a blog if I knew how to do one. What is Big Sis's Blog name?

Anonymous said...


SageHen said...

You don't have to know what a ULR is in order to blog. I don't! If you did want to blog, all you would have to do is click on the little red B on the top of my blog. It will get you to a place where you can create your own blog. It is very easy to do. If you want me too, I can set one up for you. Just e-mail me the name and password you want to use and I'll get you started.
Big Sister's blog is:
Copy the code string, right click on your mouse and it will pull up a place to copy it. Paste the code string in the line at the very top of your page : https: and enter, that should get you to her blog. Or, you can look at little brother's blog and click on the link on the right hand side.

Karen said...

sagehen is right you don't have to know what URL stands for in order to blog and the fact that your are on the internet commenting on various indicates that you could blog. But just for the record here is what a URL is. It stands for "Uniform Resource Locator" and is the same thing as someones internet address.

For example: is sagehen's URL.

Big Sis said...

Hillbilly sis. This is my URL ( the address that you type at the top of your internet page when looking for something, example If you want to start blogging go to and you will find instructions on how to set one up. when you set it up you will be given your URL that is your address to send people so they can find you on the internet. Try it. When you find it put it in your favorites or bookmarks list and all you will have to do from then on is click on the bookmark and there you are at my blog site.

Big Sis said...

The shinaneguns that you mentioned are the very reason that I quit playing baseball or softball or whatever ball game the girls at SVJHS played at recess, after school or at lunch. They always started batting with the pitcher weather or not they had gone through all the players at the last inning or not. Thus I rarely ever got a chance to even attempt to hit the ball. Second they always sent my as far into the field as they could. I probably was closer to our own backdoor than I was to the game on the field. When I actually got to hit the ball, and then made a hit, they would cheat on who they said was out. For example, once the bases were loaded(I THINK) the girl on third didn't run to home but the girl on second wouldn't run back either. I had nowhere to run so I was declared out. That was the end of the inning so what was the point of girl on third not running to home plate to make a score. That was the first time I ever swore at anybody, and I was so ashamed of myself for swearing that I quite then and there. I never set foot in a baseball diamond again except to walk across it on the way home from school. Who needs that crap!

Alf's boy said...

The third baseman is definately old before his time. G-man starts games next week and sparkey as well.

wyo sis said...

What wonderful agony and exstacy! I sort of miss it. Ashlee got on a co-ed team last year, but the coach wouldn't even let her practice and one of the boys kept swearing at her, so that was the end. Those games at the playground when kids just showed up and played were a lot more fun. As for the highwater kid does he by any chance have an older brother who used the uniform before he did? I can sympathize with parents who have to buy baseball uniforms and cleats every year. So, his voice doesn't change quite so soon, we can still get one more year out of that uniform!