Friday, January 20, 2006

Dang, missed the shot!

I’m afraid I may have made official neighborhood crazy lady status. People began to suspect me when the cat chased children down the sidewalk. They started shaking their heads the day I took my son outside to take photos of him in the fall leaves. The problem was, I was wearing my Sponge Bob Square Pants pajamas.
But I think all doubts have been removed today.
At least this time I was dressed.

I took a shower, put on jeans and a t-shirt and combed my hair.

Then I opened the curtains on a dazzling world. The 18 inches of snowfall yesterday, compounded by a thaw, then a freeze, and morning sun, had resulted in sparkling icicles dripping from the trees.
I had to shoot them. So out I went, just in my back yard, mind you. But I noticed the ice rimming the neighbor’s trees was catching the light just so. Careful not to fall on the snow packed road, I made my way across the street.
Hum, it doesn’t look so good here. I’m going to have to get into the snow to get the right angle. Just as I was contemplating the best shot, a woman drove by smiling and shaking her head.
Oh, dear.
Apparently I forgot to change out of my pink fuzzy slippers before running outside in the below freezing weather. I should have noticed the icicles forming in my still wet hair.
Worst of all, I didn’t get the shot.


Holly said...

Oh how I'm laughing cuz I've been there. My neighbors see me sneaking through the back like I'm on a world peace mission and I'm aiming my camera at the most obscure things. Oh well - their loss right!?!!

angieoh! said...

I am the crazy photo lady in my neighborhood, I think the sparkle has worn off and now they just ignore me!

Jennifer said...

Too bad SHE didn't have a camera - that would have been great ;)

RedMolly said...

Icicles in your hair? That's just the glitter-glam look, baby! You're hip as heck!

rev said...

Hee Hee, wish I could have seen that.... I'm not so far yet... People do stare at me if I go to the playhouse with my little girl with 2,5 and keep following her and keep making photo's. Hundreds of them... I see them thinking: what an idiot. And I hope they see me thinking: YES I create!!
Grz from the Netherlands

Barb said...

ROFL. This is why I didn't join the Photo a Day challenge this month. People (mostly coworkers) were starting to wonder about me in November. :P

Thanks for the smile.