Monday, January 09, 2006

Good things about bad things

The computer desk is command central of our house. This photo shows more about our family than you would think at first glance. Disclaimer, I am not responsible for the Troll Doll. My son put it on the computer yesterday.

I have lots of thoughts whirling around in my head today. I’ve been thinking about contrasts, and change and I have some scrapbook mojo going with ideas that I think will be spectacular.
On contrast: The best shower I ever had was taken after a three day river trip on the San Juan. Southern Utah is hot. The San Juan is cool, but dirty, and the whole event took place in the desert.
I remember on the bus ride home thinking longingly of a warm shower. The second I walked in the door of my apartment, I peeled off my clothes and let that hot, clean water blast me. I think I stood in the shower until the water turned cold. It was marvelous.
The best meal I have had in recent memory was a garlic steak and shrimp meal at Applebee’s after having tummy trouble for days and being on a bland diet. When my stomach returned to normal, the rest of the family was out of commission, so we ate soup and Jell-O for days. I can’t imagine anything tasting better than that meal did.
Mothers can appreciate the joy of holding a newborn after struggling physically and emotionally to get the child on the earth.
Farmers relish sitting down in a cool room with an iced drink after a long day bailing hay and fighting flys in the hot sun.
Children rejoice in the thrill of opening Christmas gifts after what seems like an eternity of hoping and wishing, and wondering what is under the tree.
Today, my basement is clean. It feels so wonderful to walk down the stairs without seeing plastic lizards, unwashed socks and scraps of paper scattered everywhere. It’s as refreshing as taking a shower after three days riding a raft in the Southern Utah desert.

On the Mojo
Sometime last night or this morning I came up with two wonderful ideas for pages. I’m frankly surprised I didn’t get out of bed and start working on the ideas immediately. Well, I would be surprised, if I didn’t know how much I love my bed.
When I wrote a weekly column for a small-town newspaper, people would ask me “where do you get your ideas.” I never had an answer. But I’m sure we have all had those “Ah Ha!” moments after ruminating on a problem for moments, hours or days.
I know the thought process leading to my current idea. It has its roots back to a project I made in high school. Who knew idle puttering from some 20 years ago would make it’s mark on a scrapbook page today.

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Jennifer said...

Love the troll doll and the cozy kitty :)