Saturday, January 21, 2006

Yet more snow photos

My DS-11, the one who is too cool to have photos taken, begged me to take some shots of him, his brother and the neighbor child playing on their sledding hill.
This is, after all, the whole point of snow when you are a child. You don’t worry about driving on slushy roads, paying the power bill or mopping up puddles. Snow means a new toy.
When I see my boys climbing up and sliding down the same small hill all day long it brings back memories of my own childhood doing the same thing. I don’t recall if it was just one year, or if it was something that happened every year, but I do remember building snow caves in the piles of packed snow outside our driveway, too.
The inside of these caves were somewhat mysterious, a shadowy light filtered through the snow to make them a strange blue white color.
I suppose this was a somewhat dangerous practice. We could have been caught in a tunnel collapses, frozen our fingers, been hit with a flying shovel. But we didn’t care, we were kids, we were bullet proof, we were having fun.
My children have school, and soccer, and Scouts. Yet I wonder if a moment they will remember with the greatest fondness was the day they built a hill by the driveway in the front yard and used shovels as sleds
This is why I like snow, in spite of the cold, and the puddles and the high electric bills. I like snow because of memories of hot chocolate after a cold day digging caves and riding down hills on bits of cardboard.
I think this is why my children will love snow, too.


Karen said...

Lisa and I always had a blast sledding down the hill in our back yard in Fairview. I remember fondly losing snow boots in waist high show!

Wyo sis said...

We (meaning mom and dad) have slides of LaWana and I sliding down massive snow hills in our little red snow suits. I guess some things never change.

DENA said...

OK Alleen I totally feel guilty that I havent checked out your blog in freakin ages!! but once again I find things that we have in common!!

I sooooo love Princess Bride!! my best friend and I have rented that movie every year for years since it was released!! one of the best movies EVER and I will NEVER tire of it!! I had actually pondered the notion in high school of naming my child Wesley, if I ever had a boy!!!!!

Your blog is terrific!!! And dont worry! I took pics in 2 of my neighbors yards LOL!!! got a few crazy looks and one of them actually asked if I was a professional photographer and I just had to laugh and say I wish!!

Bro said...

Looking like here is SV. DSes 4 & 7 play on our 5' hill every day. A neighbor with a back hoe just came by and piled it even higher. Should be some good sledding. I always got clostrophobic in those snow tunnels. DS 13 is going camping in a snow cave next month, he just got back from camping in a tent Friday night. I was invited but declined on account of... well... it's winter and it's SV! I remember it took mom more time to get us dressed then we spent outside playing. tell your DH that we really liked what you sent DS 4 and the cute little viking you sent me. also that was one monster snake you sent a picture of from your abandoned military installation.