Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just keep swimming

My house is like an ogre or an onion, but not at all like a parfait.
It has layers.
Not tasty layers of cream and chocolate and cake, no, I have nasty layers of dirty socks, newspapers and toys.
Last night DH found his keys.
They had been missing since Friday. They were under the chair he sits in to watch television. He thought they were probably in the chair. Over the past few days he has moved the chair, dug around in the cushions, and vigorously shaken the chair to no avail. But last night as we were getting ready for bed he glanced over and saw the keys sitting under the chair as pretty as you please.
This morning I found my hand-held Tetris game.
The game has been missing since before Christmas. It was in my bedroom under a pile of bed linens. I was digging through the blankets, sheets, etc., in search for my Flylady book. I still haven’t found the Flylady book, so at this point I’m flying blind.
I did manage to get the Christmas tree and all the ornaments into a box yesterday.
I have included photos of my “helper” Katie cat, who thought the ornaments rolling around the floor were great fun. Also fun was grabbing my hand to kick, bite and scratch the tar out of it when I reached for the ornaments.
When I smacked her head to stop the mayhem, she retreated to a corner, glaring at me through silted eyes.
Speaking of ornaments, am I the only one who has a bazillion little boxes with plastic liners ~ one for each ornament? I spent countless hours finding the right box and fitting the ornaments back into the box to keep the plastic propellers, or delicate wires from being damaged in storage.
I am left to ponder if this is a monumental waste of time, or a clever management of my financial resources.
After sorting and boxing everything all morning, a scrapper friend / client came over in the afternoon. We spent four hours picking out paper to match her photos.
When she left I had 15 pages to be scrapped sitting on my table, along with piles and piles of paper.
While she was here my boss called with two assignments due today and tomorrow.
Now I remember why I have such difficulty with time management. I can’t call all my time my own; a goodly portion belongs to my boss, my family, and my friends.
Today’s goals are simple:
Keep the sink clean.
Unload the dishwasher (done!)
Get showered and dressed.
Do my two stories.
If I have any time left I’ll work on scrapbooks, floor sweeping / mopping and laundry. I should be able to put in a few loads between interviews, but the pile of clean, waiting to be folded laundry is mounting. *sigh*
“Just keep swimming.”


chris jenkins said...

i so can relate on your post today - i have a few things that have been "misplaced" or "borrowed" - i swear there are actual little people running around taking things and then putting them back because suddenly, quite unexplicably they appear - isn't that always the case?

cute pics of the cat!

good luck with everything today - I'm off to dismantle the layers - LOL

Corinnexxx said...

rofl! It has layers!!! same here alleen. great photo;s and have a great day today!


Wendy Reed (WendyReedPEA) said...

LOL... LOVE your slippers by the way!


Barb said...

Aaaaw, hang in there! Your goal of an organized home is a noble one. I wish you well but cannot get motivated to tackle my own home (which sounds an AWFUL lot like yours!) right now. So you will be my hero... your clean sink is my beacon of hope that, somday, I too might gather up the energy to consider the flylady's advice.

Wyo sis said...