Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ten things I like about myself

Ok, this is a challenge from Sophia on my scrapbook community Two Peas in a Bucket.

1. My dry wit. I love to make people laugh.
2. My ability to put emotions on a page when I write. I love it when people tell me a newspaper story they read “made me cry.”
3. My open heart. Some may say I am overly sensitive, but things touch me deeply.
4. My loyalty and dedication. Once you have won my friendship, you have it forever unless you betray me.
5. My doggedness. I am usually not flashy or dramatic, but once I decide I want something I will hang in there, quietly working, until I get what I want.
6. My ability to listen, really listen, with my whole heart.
7. My own company. I am perfectly happy to entertain myself, and while I like to be around people, I don’t mind being alone.
8. My relaxed attitude. I have several people say that although my home is not showplace clean, they always feel “at home,” in my home.
9. My vocabulary. I know a strange thing to like. But I love words, and I love being able to find the right word for the right moment.
10. My creativity.

Sophia was right; making this list is harder than it looks.


Bro said...

I must write down a list like that. These are things I like about you also.

sophiacorbridge said...

Alleen, I love this list. I really do. I had hoped that you would say your wit! So, that pleased me, that you recognize that as a strength. I also love that you are content with your own company. That's a great answer that I'd never considered. Very thought provoking list! Keep smiling!


Barb said...

What a great challenge! I love it! And I love your list. You know, you sound like someone I could really be friends with. I like you, based solely on this list alone. (Other stuff you've posted makes me think this as well though. LOL) I'm envious of your homey home (mine's a sty!) and I wish I had a broader vocabulary... I could probably learn a lot from you! ;)