Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Long live pink fuzzy slippers!

On day two of my quest to clean via Flylady, some things went better than expected, other things not as well. But overall I feel like I’m making progress.
Yesterday the Flylady goal was to get showered and dressed down to the tie up shoes (*snort*). I did shower, I did get dressed, but tie-up shoes, not a chance! I am in love with my whimsical, pink fuzzy slippers. I still managed to get quite a bit done.
Yesterday’s list of accomplishments includes:
Shining up that kitchen sink ~ it’s still clean.
Cleaning the bathroom sink ~ boy, oh boy, was that a necessary task.
Putting dinner in the crock pot ~ I used lemon lime soda instead of wine in the stroganoff, odd, but still tasty.
Making a yummy jello salad ~ this is a holiday tradition that I didn’t manage to make for Christmas or New Year’s Day thanks to my flu bug. Turns out I’m the only one who likes this salad. Note to self, don’t make it again.
Washing two loads of laundry ~ to be folded and put away later.
Scrapping one 5X7 page for my Christmas Album, I still have two more to go.
Taking most of the ornaments off the Christmas tree ~ but the tree is still standing in the corner of the living room.
Goals for today:
Shower and dress.
Keep that sink shiny.
Finish putting away the Christmas tree.
Sweep the kitchen
~ mop if I can fit in the time.
Entertain my YaYa Scrapper sister, who pays me to do pages for her ~ this goes toward my managing finances and talents goals.
Do the evening routine of cleaning hot spots and getting to bed at a decent hour.
I’m feeling good, but I am concerned that I will get board and run out of steam somewhere in the middle of January. Please help me by keeping those positive comments headed my way!


Karlyn said...

Keep making that list and checking it twice and you'll get it all done! Love the photo of your slippers.

Dar said...

Pink fuzzy slippers rule!

Corinnexxx said...

lololol I have to show you my pink slippers, they are even worse! don;t get me wrong I love them and yours too!


amberjane said...

Loving those slippers !! :D

Kim said...

Fuzzy pinks slippers is the only way to go!!

dianne said...

Alleen, love the slippers girl! Congrats on your accomplishments today, you rock!

Lorrie said...

Here's a bunch of positive comments coming your way! Hope you're able to get everything done that you've planned!

Jennifer said...

Love the fuzzy, pink slippers and if they make you happy you are more likely to be successful!!! Sounds like a very productive day :)