Monday, January 30, 2006

Sailors take warning

It looks like we should be expecting a storm sometime today. DH called me to come and look at the sky as he left for work today because it was so pretty.
This is one of the things I love about DH. He may not *get it* about my scrapbook obsession in that he doesn’t have any interest in paper and embellishments. But he does *get it* in that he has an eye for beautiful moments and photography.
Today I need to tidy my house. I half-way expect one or more of the Ya-Ya scrappers to drop by and play in my paper with me today. But the table is covered with paper scraps from my last project, and DH pointed out the kitchen floor could use a good sweeping and moping. Darn it all, I hate it when life gets in the way of my good time.
Last week I was thinking about my computer program and the swell way it has of underlining my mistakes as I type them. Spelling errors are underlined in a zigzag red line and grammar errors get the green line. (I had two underlines in the last sentence!)
It also follows behind me automatically fixing the misspellings of words like received. The red zigzag line does annoy me, but it is so nice to have the errors pointed out by an anonymous computer versus a living, breathing editor. My writing has vastly improved since the purchase of this word processing program.
But I don’t think the program goes far enough. Wouldn’t it be great if the words coming out of your mouth were underlined with red zigzag if they were pronounced incorrectly? To take things further, maybe a nice green underline would be useful if your words were going to offend the hearer. Then you could suck them back in, reassess them, and improve upon the thought before casting it out into the air.
Or, maybe someone could design a program to prevent us from turning the wrong way in our daily lives. Every time I picked up a chocolate cookie instead of oatmeal for breakfast, the red line would start flashing. Or every time I decided to wear pajamas all day instead of taking a shower and dressing like a civilized human being, another line would appear.
Alas, life doesn’t work like that. Even worse, I know the red line is there under the chocolate cookie, but I ignore it and not only eat the cookie, but wash it down with a can of wild cherry Pepsi.
Because, when it comes right down to it, no matter how many warnings you get, the bottom line is you make you own decisions.
Take the red skies this morning. According to the age old rhyme, we should be taking warning. But there’s a big difference between knowing what’s right, and doing what’s right.


Dar said...

Beautiful sky photos!

Bro said...

A son of the morning had that very idea. But we picked another path.

Barb said...

I love the photos. How sweet that your dh calls to tell you about things like this!

And I loved reading about your word processing program and the real-life analogy. You've certainly got a way with words. :)

Tracy said...

ooooooh - pretty!

Wyo sis said...

I was very near you today. At the South Town Expo Center for a BER workshop on children's book trends. I thought of you as we seven (library ladies) ate lunch at the mall with the merry go round. How did I miss that? I wish we had taken Ashlee there when she was younger. I yearned to ride the horse with the tossing mane, but I suppose there is a weight limit. Thank heaven Tony Roma's doesn't have one. We ate there last night. Shelly Hunsaker's son Conner said from looking at the commericals you would think only really good looking girls ate there. We called to tell him he was right and we made the cut. He just said "You ladies think you are soo funny!"
Congratulations on your success. I couldn't make heads or tails of the website or find any of your stuff. What heading is it hidden under?