Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Make the bed or climb back into it?

I wish I were asleep right now.
I’ve been doing very well on my New Year’s resolution to keep up with the housework, stay on top of my newspaper job, my scrapbook work, my cooking for the family, etc
I’m failing rather spectacularly on the laundry; bill paying and cleaning the bathroom, (my least favorite chores in the world) but hey, the month of January isn’t even over yet. I’m not going to beat myself up over a little pile of unwashed socks. (That laughing sound you hear is my DH who knows what my laundry room looks like.)
I have thrown my hat into the ring for a design team, completed and entered the BH sketch for July, convinced my LSS to display one of my layouts, and actually sketched a page design I love.
This morning I made sure the babies were bathed, fed, dressed and sent to school. I wrote and submitted a newspaper story. I started another load of laundry. I have dinner planned (crock pot garlic chicken).
But I am very tired and I want a nap.
So now I am on the horns of a dilemma. Should I just push through it, sleep walk through the day and do the best I can.
Or throw in the (damp and dirty) towel, climb back in my warm bed with a few scrapbook magazines and try to dream up some new ideas?
I’ll let you know my decision after I wake up.

edited and updated later today with the newest news.

A Happy Mail Day

My red boxes are here. This makes me inordinately happy and gives me a much-needed shot in the arm to get back to the work of cleaning, scrapping, organizing, etc.
I owe this cheerful dozen of red boxes to a very thoughtful woman, Tania, on the Two Peas in a Bucket scrapbook message board. Several weeks ago she showed her scrap room on the web site. I noticed her red boxes and commented on how much I like them. Shortly thereafter she emailed me and offered to get the boxes for me at her cost. The boxes were $1 each, wholesale, and I was to pay for shipping and handling.
Long story short, after exchanging money and addresses, I found this box of boxes on my doorstep today. Thanks Tania for all you work on my behalf. I have met the nicest people on line; I can’t believe my good fortune.


Dar said...

I vote for climbing back into bed! The sock will wait until later.

tania said...

ahhhh......RED boxes make me smile.
you are most welcome Alleen!

Wyo sis said...

Climb into bed and read!

Anonymous said...